Jesus, The Optimist

Well the truth is I am an OPTIMIST.  Some have jokingly (I think jokingly) said that I live in denial, but that’s not true.  This is what I know, I had a life with a huge void and one day I accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life and not only that, but now I am an heir to the God of the universe.  Now how cool is that?

Hey…it doesn’t mean that I never have problems.  Believe me, I deal with things everyday that can wear on me, but I know that God is building my character stronger for everything I go through.  God never promises that the problems of life will go away by accepting His Son as your Lord, but he came that we might have life and have it to the full. (See John 10:10 in the Bible)

I trust, risk and place faith that if God cared enough for me to give me this amazing gift to become an heir of God and have eternal life with Him that he has my best interests in mind for everyday living.   Therefore, I am the OPTIMIST!!!

I hope you too are an OPTIMIST!!!


6 Responses

  1. you should really stop by Barnes and Noble today and read Bono’s book – on the move. it’s the quickest read ever – won’t take you more than 20 mins to get it done. you’ll love it. the dude gets the point!

  2. manizel-
    too bad that till we get to inherit all the good and great, we gotta pass throught this valley. but it’s a learning place and the journey with HIM rocks, dawg. trusting the lead of my Heaveny Father and going all out for him has proven to be the wisest choice for me. when we’re in His boat, we can’t fail. and like you said one day, we’re in good company. with Him, for Him – alone – is where i wanna be. great intro to your blog! congrats, dude. you’re in the bloggasphere!!!!

  3. B -A- Utiful!

    Elvis is in the building baby!

    Dead on bro! Life still happens to us and with us, but Jesus is The Way. He makes Hope real. Life to the full only happens when he’s a part of it! Times get tough and He makes us Tougher. That’s reason for Optimism!

    Let’s go chase some Lions! Whadaya say?

  4. Thanks for your input guys. Yeah, the seas get rough and stay that way sometimes, but while we’re in this boat why don’t we help some one else to be RESCUED? Thanks for the support!

  5. I say let’s get Batterson to hit us with a lunch meet at the Mall of GA next week? Lol!!!

  6. the days of our lives …. hmm …

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