Building Tree Houses

Hey! Have you seen the Toyota commercial where the 35 year old dad opens the door to his Toyota minivan all excited about the tree house he built in the backyard for his son?  His son says, “Does it have leather chairs?”  He says, “No.”  His son says, “Does it have DVD or connectivity for our games?”  The dad again says, “No.”  The son says, “We’ll just stay here” and pushes a button that shuts the door on dads face.

OK, my dad would’ve torn my butt up!  But, there is a valuable lesson to be learned here and Toyota and corporate America have discovered it and they are leveraging it for the best (Their best of course). 

Bring the church in on this one.  Are we building tree houses that we want our children to love and admire and have the same experience as us or are we adapting to the way they have to live? 

I had a tree house and many other things my boys can’t have due to space or neighborhood covenants.  The flip side is they have things I never had or dreamed of.  

The same goes for the church.  I have seen new styles of clothing, music, approaches to the migration of new cultures, you name it.  We must adjust if the tree house tradition doesn’t cut it, no matter how sentimental it is to us. 


5 Responses

  1. it’s in the future, never in the past. people who go back in time and live there, have lost their brains. we can fight culture and lose or we can leverage it to promote the best message ever. toyota is not going back, fo sho!!! hmm, i wonder why. lack of vision, could it be???? hahaha. have not seen the commercial dude, but from what you say, it nails it!

  2. thank you for your diplomacy.

  3. Tree houses rock”ed!” As did Atari 2600, parachute pants and Vans. OK so Vans still rock, but that may be timeless . Some things can be recycled and/or reinvented. Some times it’s not about new, but about morphing. But the idea revolves around connection, creativity and absorbing & interjecting into current culture. Pong has given way to the Nintendo Wii. Same idea, but totally morphed with the advancements at hand to make it bigger and better. I ask, are we “creative” enough in and through our belief system to help introduce a never changing God to a generation of people unintersted in Tree houses? I say yes, but it takes the V-word…..Do we have it? True, The Word never changes but the presentation must get out of the Tree House, ’cause guess what? The people aren’t sitting up there anymore.

  4. I think Toyota hit the nail on the head with this one. In our ever changing society we have let a lot of the traditions of the past slip away. One of the biggest things we seem to let slip away is the Family! Family time is pretty much non-existent anymore … and we wonder why the family splits and dies. I was once told that “the family that prays together stays together!” I know there have been other ways that phrase has been manipulated but it serves my purpose for this topic.

    As it relates to the church … this really hurts a lot of churches because they are keeping God inside a box and won’t let Him move as He sees fit. I drove by a church a couple of weeks ago and on their sign by the road it said “Traditional Worship Service” and I couldn’t help but shake my head in disappointment. Are we, the church, so blinded by and driven by the past? Do we not see that times have changed? Are we afraid to step out of our comfort zone and experience the presence of God? I know we can experience the presence of God in a traditional service as well as a contemporary type service … but I have noticed that in a more contemporary atmosphere people are more open to letting God move and following the Holy Spirit.

    Most of the churches I have seen that are still stuck in the Traditional (past) are struggling to survive because they have no up and coming people … most of them are older folks who have been at the same church for 30 – 40 years. A church can’t survive if you don’t have a quality foundation to bring people through. It reminds me of the Brownsville Revival … back in 1995 right before the revival hit … Brownsville was working on remodeling the children’s ministry portion of the building … and it wasn’t until it was complete and they had everything in place and running that the revival hit that Father’s Day … the foundation had to be ready before God moved the way he wanted to!

    Bottom line … we don’t have to be like the world to draw people in but we must be willing to adapt a little here and there and make things exciting and make things leave an impact on people to get them to come back for more! If I am thirsty and you give me a taste of something awesome … you better believe that I will be back for more and more and more!

    I hope some of that made sense!

  5. It made great sense Jed…Life is but a vapor. Are we going to stiff arm until we all get the preferences we want and let the generations to come go to hell instead of offering God our very best and reaching out to those who have yet to meet Him?

    “If you want my money to keep this place going, you better do what I want.”
    (If I were to ever play this card any of you ought to kick my butt.)

    We are totally off the mark if we play with God this way!!!!!!!!!!!

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