OK, so who out there does the whole stand in line for your customized coffee and where do you do it.  I love Starbucks, but I also like to make it over to Caribou occassionally. 

I actually had Starbucks PR person reply to my request to get a SB in the Braselton area.  We need it soon or we might have to go on drinking SANKA instant coffee.


5 Responses

  1. You don’t drink Sanka, Elvis!! Maxwell may be at your House, but you ain’t sippin no Sanka! Hahahahaa.
    FP tells me S’bucks is coming to the West side of the Hamilton Mill exit. That’ll put a knot on Beaner’s head! Fo sho’!

    Venti,Breakfast brew,shot of Toffee Nut w/ Room for cream. When you’re buying!!

  2. I can buy! Let’s do it!

  3. You actually put Sanka and Starbucks on the same page? Talk about two ends of the spectrum. For Peet’s.. Sanka is like the anti-coffee.

    My wife calls me a coffee snob. I get real pleasure from a well made cope of coffee. I like mine straight and strong. Non of that mocha mackah frip frap with a twist buisness.

  4. Erik, that’s just wrong isn’t it? SANKA was put there to draw some comments. By the way, I am the same way. But, I must confess, I use a little sugar and cream. I am with you on the frip frap comment.

  5. daedgumit-
    when are you gonna post again, u slacka!!!!!

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