VT Victims

How someone could take the lives of so many innocent people is beyond me, but that person must have had some serious hurt.

I get so tired of the media instigating actions for blaming someone for this terrible massacre and others that have been similar.  A friend of mind said today, “Watch, before this thing is over they will be blamming George Bush.”  Sad, but true.

 Can we for one second stop and say a prayer for these families who can make no sense of the loss that they are suffering through right now?  This is not a time for politics or agendas.  This is a time to lift up those who have been victimized by this tragedy.

God, please comfort those who have lost family members, friends and loved ones.  Please help us to minister in any way possible to those who are hurting and Father may you take this terrible tragedy and make it into something that is positive for these families and for Your glory.  I ask in Jesus name, amen.


3 Responses

  1. I watched the news last night having very little information on what happened in advance. I thought ABC did a fairly good job. I came away informed about what happened, a somewhat informed of why. The bottom line is this: This person who commited these murders was severely disturbed. That’s clear. The sad part about the whole thing seems to be that a number of people around him were aware of this, and at the end of the day, really did nothing, or not enough to help. So, here’s the question: If I decided to help this person and during that period had also decided to bring him to my church as a source of help, would it have been my responsibility to let everyone at the church know in advance? We all think we have the answers in matters such as this, we don’t. All we really can do is try to be of some help. There is one thing very clear here though, he was a person without God. He needs our prayers as well.

  2. It is very sad what transpired on Monday at Virgina Tech … my thoughts and prayers go out to each family of the dead and wounded as well as the other thousands of students, faculty, and staff. As others have stated this young man was obviously very disturbed and troubled.

    As Eric mentioned … this will probably turn into the blame game … and it is going to be very sad to see how the media and the political arena turn this into a more twisted event than it already was. I can only hope for the sake of those affected by this directly and those on the campus, that the media and politicians respect those affected and give them time to grieve and move past this. I can’t even begin to imagine what students, faculty, and staff members feel right now … I’m sure there is a sence of insecurity and fear about even going back to class or work.

    I can also say that this should wake us all up and tell us that we need to make sure we are right with God and ready for the unexpected. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if some people gathered around the young man when they knew he was having some issues, and lift him up in prayer and encourage him.

    It is going to be tough moving on from this point … I know there are going to be a lot of questions of why this would happen … and why God would allow this to happen … it always seems to come up.

    Anyway … those are my thoughts …

  3. “I pray that instead of trying to place blame on who is at fault we all realize that we must never stop loving people and reaching out to them.”
    Great point Erique, I feel that!!!!

    Like i said last week on drop that rock,it’s time to drop the rocks and extend open arms to those who need them! Jesus, make me a channel of your love and peace.

    oh, and btw, it’s kinda too late to pray for the gunman. just the brutal facts. time to act is now, love now, pray now, embrace and reach out.

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