Stranded on an Island with an iPOD

If you were stranded on an island with an iPOD shuffle and could only pick five songs, what would they be?  Come on humor me on this one.  I’m a music guy.

Today mine would be:

1.  Georgia on My Mind – Ray Charles

2.  Joy to the World – Three Dog Night

3.  Heard it Through the Grapevine -Marvin Gaye

4.  I’ve Got You – Chrystina Fincher

5.  Indescribable (Live in Austin) – Chris Tomlin

That’s tough.  You try it!

Let’s hear it!  What would yours be?


10 Responses

  1. here goes zblogga’s tunes

    1. Nickelback – If everyone cared
    2. U2 – Miracle Drug
    3. Leeland – Tears of the Saints
    4. U2 – YAHWEH
    5. Nickelback – Savin’ me
    6. Charlie Hall – Your blood

    oh no, i forgot Amazing Grace, acapella style from last fri night!!!

  2. Can you use an iPod as a raft?

  3. If you were an ant I guess you could.

    I tell you what you’ve been banned from the use of the iPod on the island. You only get to listen to sea shells. Enjoy the sound of the ocean.

  4. No copy cat, but I attended UGA too, Elivs! I gotta go with Ray and “GA on My MInd” for numero uno as well.
    2. Sittin’ on The Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding
    3. Where the Streets Have No Name- U2
    4. Open Me- Shawn McDonald
    5. Southern Cross- Crosby Stills and Nash


  5. Okay….so I found some shells, you won’t believe it.
    They’re playing “Georgia On My Mind” by Willie Nelson.

  6. If I got stranded again, I would have to go with Adam’s list. Great list!! You obviously have and Dad or uncle like me who listened to CSN with you around. Dock of the bay almost made my first list. Different strokes different folks. Good list.

    Kurt those sea shells were playing Georgia on My mind by Ray Charles it just sounds like Willie because you’re listening through sea shells. Thanks.

  7. Kurt, that is beautiful! Eric, that is stinkin’ hilarious. I did have to think.. WIllie..Ray…Willie..Ray…Willie…Ray. UGA folks played Ray for us on my freshman tour. Made me cry. Still does. The fact I’m not 17 anymore does too sometimes.

    Loved CSN & Young too. 3 Dog was played often at my crib as a kid. Learned the words to Jeremiah was a Bullfrog along with Jesus Loves Me. Is that warped? I grew up with many summer nights on the Chattahoochee in SW GA. Lots and lots of good music. I love the 70’s. Every time one of those Time Life infomercials come on I watch it all the way through.

  8. Betcha’ my shells sound better than your pod!

  9. Betcha’ your shells look better with that grass skirt!

    Kurt…you’re crazy man! I bet you were a piece of work before you became a Christ follower.

  10. Now you’re bustin’ on my hula skirt. I’m just chillin’ listening
    to “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys.

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