The Best ? Ever

Tonight my small group will begin Andy Stanley’s small group study from his book, “The Best Question Ever.”  We are excited about starting it. 

I’ve read the book and it’s a great read it you haven’t read it yet.  If we would just ask the question of ourselves the way Andy suggests, we could eliminate about half our struggles and for the ones we can’t eliminate we would handle them much better if we just asked this question.

What is the question you might ask?  I can’t tell.  Read the book.  You’ll be glad you did.



OK, so who out there does the whole stand in line for your customized coffee and where do you do it.  I love Starbucks, but I also like to make it over to Caribou occassionally. 

I actually had Starbucks PR person reply to my request to get a SB in the Braselton area.  We need it soon or we might have to go on drinking SANKA instant coffee.

Building Tree Houses

Hey! Have you seen the Toyota commercial where the 35 year old dad opens the door to his Toyota minivan all excited about the tree house he built in the backyard for his son?  His son says, “Does it have leather chairs?”  He says, “No.”  His son says, “Does it have DVD or connectivity for our games?”  The dad again says, “No.”  The son says, “We’ll just stay here” and pushes a button that shuts the door on dads face.

OK, my dad would’ve torn my butt up!  But, there is a valuable lesson to be learned here and Toyota and corporate America have discovered it and they are leveraging it for the best (Their best of course). 

Bring the church in on this one.  Are we building tree houses that we want our children to love and admire and have the same experience as us or are we adapting to the way they have to live? 

I had a tree house and many other things my boys can’t have due to space or neighborhood covenants.  The flip side is they have things I never had or dreamed of.  

The same goes for the church.  I have seen new styles of clothing, music, approaches to the migration of new cultures, you name it.  We must adjust if the tree house tradition doesn’t cut it, no matter how sentimental it is to us. 

Jesus, The Optimist

Well the truth is I am an OPTIMIST.  Some have jokingly (I think jokingly) said that I live in denial, but that’s not true.  This is what I know, I had a life with a huge void and one day I accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life and not only that, but now I am an heir to the God of the universe.  Now how cool is that?

Hey…it doesn’t mean that I never have problems.  Believe me, I deal with things everyday that can wear on me, but I know that God is building my character stronger for everything I go through.  God never promises that the problems of life will go away by accepting His Son as your Lord, but he came that we might have life and have it to the full. (See John 10:10 in the Bible)

I trust, risk and place faith that if God cared enough for me to give me this amazing gift to become an heir of God and have eternal life with Him that he has my best interests in mind for everyday living.   Therefore, I am the OPTIMIST!!!

I hope you too are an OPTIMIST!!!