FORGIVEN.  What a great word.  I was reminded of how great a word it is at a funeral today. 

Almost a year ago, a friend of mine reached out to his sister in her greatest time of need.  Their relationship had been lacking for several years and they were able to put some pieces back together.  In the meantime, she also began a relationship with Jesus Christ by laying down her own desires and beginning to live for Him.  This week she died and started her new life in eternity.

Thanks to Robert, Nicole, Laura, Adam and your small group and Zion for investing in her.  This week could have been disastrous if you hadn’t.

Her name is Kelly and she lives with Jesus Christ now and it’s all because she was FORGIVEN!!!


2 Responses

  1. The act of forgiveness that comes through accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour, there is no greater thing.

  2. oh, the amazing Grace of God!!!
    were it not for grace….
    i thank God for his love and patience with me everyday. his love and grace – i was reminded this week – is beyond measure.
    to think that there’s nothing we could ever do to make him love us less….wow, wow, wow!!! what a Father!!!

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