Today has been unusually heavy, but I have a God who can carry a ton on His shoulders.

So…let’s have some fun instead of being so theological and smart today!

What are your preferences?

1.  Country or Rock music

2.  Mary Ann or Ginger for a girlfriend for the guys and Gilligan or Professor for a boyfriend for the ladies (of course if you weren’t married)

3.  Georgia Bulldogs or Georgia Tech

4.  KJV or NIV

5.  car or truck

6.  summer or winter

Come on…please play.  I’d love to see what your preferences are.

By the way, check out Newspring Church’s website and see their message on preferences this past Sunday morning.  I’ll warn you they might offend the heck out of you, but it’s worth it.


18 Responses

  1. my preferences by the way:

    1. Love both, but would have to lean rock. 2. Mary Ann for forever and Ginger for a date. 3. Please…Go Dawgs! 4. The Message 5. car 6. winter.

  2. 1. Rock
    2. Ginger
    3. Dawgs!!! (I Bleed Red & Black)
    4. NIV
    5. Truck
    6. Winter

  3. My preferences,
    1. neither-Christian
    2. Professor
    3. Dawgs!
    4. NIV
    5. car
    6. winter
    Luv u!

  4. hmm…
    my preference?
    the backbone at nscc.

  5. Alright, I’ll play……

    1. Rock
    2. Marianne
    3. Bulldogs
    4. NIV
    5. Truck
    6. Summer

    Man, with the exception of the Rock category, I resemble a redneck.

  6. 1: Drive and listen to the Rock…Grill out to the Country
    2: I guess Mary Ann…Ginger is too high maintenance!
    3: The Dawgs Baby!…Are you kidding?
    4:Truck…That’s a work in progress
    5:Fall…sweatshirts and short britches.

    NIce smokescsreen…..

    Don’t be scared lurkers…..Hit that Newspring link!

  7. Country (and southern rock);
    Professor (Gilligan too hyper);
    Georgia Tech (everybody loves Georgia);
    No Preference (I refer to both at times);

  8. 1. both (coutry rock not the crying kind)
    2. professor
    3. have to say Southern (my money goes there)
    4. kjv
    5. car (or Hummer)
    6. winter

  9. I’m lovin’ this. So much fun

  10. Country
    GT – Buzz
    Truck if SUVs qualify

  11. Oh, I forgot….

    I’ve fallen in love with The Message Bible. I love the way it reads when Jesus addresses the Pharisees. He jacks a few jaws!

    Anybody, hit that Newspring link? Scared?

  12. 1. used to love country but realized I was getting too depressed! ROCK ON!!
    2. Mary Ann-lovin’ the pig-tails
    3. Go Dawgs!! sic ’em
    4. F-250, super duty, turbo diesel, cold air intake, performance chip, 4×4. Or I could go with what I’ll probably be driving when I get back…cheap car!
    5. If it could be 65 degrees year round…that would be perfect! Summer though, without the humidity!!

  13. yeah dude, the Message rocks! Eugene Peterson nailed it! and to answer your q about the lurkers, i hit the link and it hit me so hard…i had to get the Kleenexes out, fo’ sho!

  14. I want to belong to “a church that religious people hate and sinners love.” A church that prefers people who practice “drive-thru christianity” not come, so that others can have their seat.

  15. I hear ya Kurt. Did you mean for the last line to read “…can’t have their seat.” ?

    I am with you and I want to hear more. What do we need to do? I am serious, I am listening.

  16. Just so we’re clear on this, this was taken as quotations that hit me from the “Vision” sermon on the Newsprings website. He was dicussing our human “preferences” and how God doesn’t care about them. Hw was in Jonah and referenced how Jonah was more concerned with the heat and the vine than the 120,000 that had just “met Jesus” in Ninevah. And the pastor said, “We whine about what this one wears, or that one wears, and I don’t like the music, and you were too harsh in your sermon this morning…..”(paraphrase) And then he said, “Have you ever considered that we don’t care?”
    It was a risk for him to do this, but following Christ is “risky” business if you play business in this world. Truthfully, we’re wimps! Are our “risks” getting us martyred in the true sense of the word? Please don’t get me started! If Christ showed up today and called us all “whitewashed tombs” He’d be right.
    And by the way,the other quote, were the pastor was discussing membership he said, “If you practice what I call “drive-thru christianity”, and by the way, you people are the ones who complain the most; we’d prefer the you don’t come, so that others can have your seat.”(paraphrase)
    What do we do? We share the gospel in the most beneficial way. And that is not by being hamstrung by the politburo. Wher in scripture does it say “He has has the pursestrings controls the message.”? I haven’t found that one. What it does say is this, “If your wealthy, and a member, sit in the back, I’m not really addressing you anyway. I’m addressing the unsaved.”(paraphrase)
    What do we do? I don’t know. How ’bout somethin’ different ’cause this ain’t workin’! I’d be up for something that would result in what the opening song of the service was referring to, doing something to get to heaven. And not the Old Testament version, the New Jerusalem of the New Testament.

  17. 1. Rock
    2. Mary Ann
    3. Georgia Tech
    4. NIV
    5. truck
    6. summer

  18. Wow thanks for turning me on to Newspring. I am a member of my local church but I often go to other churches sites and download the sermons and worship music. I freequent . The head pastor and his staff have created a church with a strong leadership. Check out his sermons on Sex. Play them for your teenagers.

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