How many times  have you heard or said this one?  Mom…..Mom…..Mom!!!  All three moms with different tones.

What a great gift from God!  My Mom and your mom.  Babies are always considered the great gifts in the family and they are, but just knowing that God gave someone to love us like no other and to care and provide security.  There is truly nothing like Mom.

At any given household there is a Mom being summonded for some kid’s personal hygiene, taking care of a scraped knee, watching as there child declares that they can ride their bike with no hands and Moms are there to see and be a part of it all.  Moms are the best!

I am so thankful to God for my Mom.  I am also thankful for Dana, the mother of our two boys and I am thankful for her Mom also.

If you haven’t called your Mom to tell her you love her yet, stop what you’re doing and go make the call.


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