Coffee Anyone?

My eyes are twitching right now as I write this.  Too many Starbucks?  Nah.  Too much stress.  Maybe.  I’m telling ya, life gives you all kinds of curve balls doesn’t it?  Maybe I should lay off the grande with room for cream for a while.  Nah.  The problem with coffee is that it keeps you wired even when you’re tired.  I had a grande kenya today and before my morning meeting was finished I was spewing my visionary ideas and opinions.  I wonder if it’s the coffee mixed with two shots of look out!!  Sorry to ramble, it’s been a rambling day. 


7 Responses

  1. Wow!! And while you were so jacked-up on “the kenya” you decided to paint your site blue?

  2. Cause you’re a ramblin’ man……(waylon song)

    You know, believe it or not, coffee doesn’t really do that to me. At least I haven’t found a blend that does. Maybe I should try some others. I like the taste of coffee but it won’t keep me awake.

  3. By the way, is it just me or is the clock on this thing thing way off? It’s 9:00 A.M. right now but my entry I just submitted said it was 12:58 P.M.
    ????? Let’s see what this one says the time is.

  4. love the look, and the kenya kicks!!!!

  5. change the optimist to some emergent stuff!!!! like, catalytic convertor 3D cybergiant dude!

  6. Man, I had (2) Venti Kenya’s this am and now it’s 3:45 and I have settled down just enough to hit the keys. I still can’t keep my feet on the floor though. Shewy! Put your Worship set together after (2) Venti Kenya’s! I want to see what that looks like! Kickin’!

  7. Kurt: the next one is for you.

    Jeff: I’m going to check that clock thing and coffee has never done it to me either. I think it’s stress.

    FP: How about “WOW JOHN” Blog?

    AO: I bet that beard of your’s grew three inches after all that KENYA.

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