Free Kenya!!


Kenya Coffee by Starbucks Coffee (1-lb.)Not the country!  The coffee.  Yeah, Kurt another blog on coffee.  But, this story has to be told. 

Today I was at my favorite Starbucks and I was the only one in the store.  It was odd being the only one in there on the customer side of the counter.  They were brewing Kenya and it wasn’t finished, so they told me it would be a minute.  “No problem,”  I said and started checking out the new Paul McCartney CD.  Another employee walked by and the guy who had addressed me asked her to get me a venti Kenya.  She said, “I’m on my break.”  I thought he was going to come unglued.  He asked another guy to get it for me and he did and they gave me the largest size coffee they had and told me it was on them and to put my money away.  I thought that was pretty cool and I twitched all the way to the office from such a large cup of coffee.

I overheard the guy on my way out of the store speaking to the lady employee and he said if your on your break, don’t come out there especially if a customer is ordering and you’re not going to stop and help.

Got me to thinkin.’

The lady was either over worked and a manager needs to be observant and give her some time off or she should be told in an encouraging way to get the customer the coffee and then in private tell me your on break.  If having her break is more important that servicing the customer then she should be replaced.

How often do we do this to outsiders as they wander in our church lobbies or worship centers looking to find service and someone says, “I’m not doing it.”  Or, ignores them.  “That’s not my preference, age, style, type of music, person  or whatever.”  Basically, we really are saying I don’t care beyond my desires and they can go to hell for all I care.  I know it sounds harsh, but think about it, that lady didn’t want to give me customer service this morning basically said to me, “Sorry dude, I’m on my break and you don’t come before it.”  If I was the type to take it hard, I could have walked and never come back to Starbucks, but I won’t do that because I’ve had many times of great service, but just think if that was my first time. 

I say free Kenyas for everyone!!!


5 Responses

  1. Does make me wonder E, how often have I told God, “I’m on break. Can’t someone else do it?”

  2. If I’m not mistaken, Christ took two “breaks” in scripture. Number one was in the desert, and I believe we could all say He had His hands full there. Number two was in the garden and the same would apply. Every other recorded “break” was with His disciples. He was 24/7! Still is! Without the venti.

  3. quit posting these pics!!!!! hahahahaaha – who’s that barista, an aquaintance of yours from high school????? LOL
    hmm…i was thinking you’d quit starbucks after that experience yesterday, but then they brainwashed you again by giving you a free venti!!!!

  4. that is crazy stuff. But, you got free coffee and that is always cool.

    your comments have really got me thinking about this issue. We are experiencing a little of this from a volunteer stand point and i think it boils down to consumerism. We are all consumers and we have been told by companies like Burger King and Starbucks…have out way…right away…now. This a hard thing to combat in the church when we are trying to move people from thinking about themselves to thinking about others.

    We are trying to model it from the top down. I must be the biggest servant, my staff must have servants heart and our volunteers must have a heart for it. If the top tier leaders are selflessly loving and serving others, then i think this will permeate through the community and people will get on board. Nelson Searcy says, you will attract who you are. this is hard for me, because i sure don’t want a church full of people that are just like me…that will run me crazy.

    So, for today, i must lead from the rear, pushing people forward. If we are to become great, we must become least.

    grace and peace my friend.

  5. Hello all,

    Flav and I went to Sbucks this afternoon at lunch and guess what they were out of and brewing. You guessed it. Flav and I walked out of their with two, countem’ venti Kenyas for the wait. Happy Birthday to us!

    Chris: Exactly, how will they recognize Jesus in us any other way. The won’t. Thanks for the comment.

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