Ralph Batchelor – A New Dimension

Not very many people get to live ninety-four years, but Ralph Batchelor did.  He witnessed almost a hundred years of man’s successes and man’s failures through it all.  But today he entered a new dimension.  Not a human dimension, but a Godly dimension.

My Grandfather, Ralph Batchelor, has been a major player in my life.  I’ve gone fishing with him, tractor riding with him, a million errands with him and once I shot a hole in his truck and he whooped my butt.  He tore me up good, but the truth is he thought I could have been hurt.  He always laughed whenever I told that story.  I’m going to miss telling it without him.

He has always been there for me and especially until I was five years old.  When I had no Dad he played the role and when it was time for him to be the Grandad he stepped back and let my new Dad take over. 

He has always pampered me even though he was not against giving me a good butt whipping if I needed it.  He cared about my future and wasn’t going to settle for me doing stupid things.

Basically, from the beginning of my life he has always been there for me.  Today, I got to be there for him, although I’m not even sure he knew I was there.  But, the important thing is that I knew I was there.  I can never repay him for what he has done for me, but I wanted to be there today.

Right before he gave his last breath he opened his eyes and with my hands on his neck and shoulders, I  told him, “Every thing’s going to be OK” and then he died. 

If he could see me during this moment when he opened his eyes, I was the last thing he saw in this life and that makes me feel honored because the next thing he saw was his maker, his savior, his rescuer and friend…JESUS!

I know he must be dancing, praising, shouting and singing with all of those who’ve gone before him in the presence of the Holy One and his salvation calms my heart.

I love you Daddy Ralph…


8 Responses

  1. amazing, you southern crazy emotional dude, you got me tearing up…
    great story, great model.

    we leave a mark, all of us do…

  2. Eric,

    What a beautiful and heartwarming post. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You all are very special to us and we are here for whatever you need.

    Carl & Tammy

  3. This makes me think of my Grandfather who passed when I was 18. I remember the little trips here and there, to my Great Uncle’s store and to my Grandfather’s place of employment, a Chevrolet dealer. And Eric, you wonder why I like Chevy’s. 🙂 I miss those days. I hope that I can have a close relationship like this with my Grandchildren.

  4. What an absolutely beautiful eulogy!!!! You need to save this and put it in your family scrap book with a picture.

    How BLESSED you were to have him in your life!!

    We should all pray that we be a blessing to others in our life and that someday they will look back and love us in the same way.

  5. Daddy Ralph has been a blessing in my life for over 20 years. He has always loved me like a granddaughter. I’ll cherish the memories…..always. Thanks for sharing your heart. Love you!

  6. Thank you for sharing such a special set of memories with us, Eric. What awesome peace to know that a man who lived with such Godly character has now recieved his reward. To be with Jesus, FOREVER!
    God bless you and your family.

  7. Thank you all. Today was the Memorial Service. There is a huge piece missing from my life now, but “Everything is going to be OK.”

  8. […] few weeks ago I went to the memorial service for Eric’s grand father. You can read more about him here. Here I go again, confessing: I mainly wanted to be there for Eric. […]

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