What’ll ya have?!? What’ll ya have?!?


How many have ever been to “The Varsity?”  What is “The Varsity?”  Oh, if you have never been you have missed out on an experience of a life time that originated in Atlanta, Georgia. 

 The Varsity is a restaurant that serves “naked dogs a walkin,'” that would be a plain hot dog to go, an “FO,” or Frosted Orange drink, a “yellow or red dog,” that would be mustard or ketchup and so on and so on.

If anyone has ever been, they know not to get up to the counter before having their order ready to spit out or they’ll shoot you DEAD and send you to the back of the line.  Sort of like the SOUP NAZI on Jerry Seinfeld. 

Does anyone know the question that they ask you when it’s time for you to shoot out your order request?


They have a great SYSTEM.  They can even shut you down and you’ll come back because you knew before you stepped up that there were expectations before ordering.  They are in a hurry to satisfy a herd of customers and they will not let you hold them up.  The interesting thing is people don’t get mad when they have been hit by the hurry up rule and more and more people keep coming because they are so intrigued by the system.  Also, the food is not bad if you are looking for a before the game gut busting meal in Atlanta.

I would like to consider this system in comparison to  some of our systems for our churches.  Often times we stand there waiting on people to decide what they want.  Wrong!  Big mistake! 

As leaders we are called to LEAD.  Makes since doesn’t it?  I know that sounds simple, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.  Sometimes we are afraid of the responses or reactions of those who will TAKE the LEAD, if leaders don’t lead.  It takes risk and wisdom to lead.  Without them both we will sit and spin our wheels. 

Many churches today are afraid to go out and try something new in the community because the leaders are afraid to change the system.  Now, we as leaders can’t complain when we have neglected to lead and others begin to take up our slack.

The challenge for you and me as leaders is to LEAD.  Beware, it’s going to cost something.  We may lose a friend or two.  We may have to risk our jobs, comforts or many other things in order to LEAD effectively. 

I always want to be a part of a system that people just can’t resist and it moves forward for the Kingdom of God.


2 Responses

  1. Break out the Tums baby! Funny, seems like I need them after hangin’ out at church sometimes too….or maybe that’s not so funny after all.

  2. Wow, great analogy! Question: what are you doing to LEAD the worship ministry forward at Zion? Start the system…be the catalyst.


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