Reflections of Daytona

daytona-beach.jpg  I had a great trip with our students at BigStuf 07 in Daytona Beach.  They are a great group of Christian students.  (Leaders)

Here are a few things said or that I observed on the trip:

  • The church should be growing young Christian leaders, not just Christian students
  • Our students are our next generation of leaders for the church.  (Eric add in:  We better start acting like it all depends on them, because it does.)
  • Life is short.  Don’t waste time on unnecessary things.  Do whatever you want, but make sure you can glorify God by doing it.

These are just a few.  Anyone who went, feel free to add your observations in your comments.  If you love the students at Zion, feel free to weigh in as well.

I am proud of the Zion Students and they have a great leader in Flaviu Pop.


6 Responses

  1. Can I weigh in?…The new Youth pastor at the Hills campus gave a message in the leaders meeting before Powerhouse (college age section of Youth) that was titled “Reinventing Youth Ministry” I can email you all my notes if you want but for now I’ll give you one point that I really liked.

    -Build a community not a crowd.
    In other words, forget about numbers, focus on growing students, not letting them come, get saved or start to get connected and then fall through the cracks.
    “Small is the new big”

  2. Exactly. Feel free to pass that message along to all of us.

  3. I feel you, Caleezel! One of our urgency as we revamp 180x this fall is to make sure COMMUNITY really happens and INVOLVE students in ministry – kinda what we did with you way back. Pray hard, can’t wait for our next YLM – wish you were here, you slacka – i hope our leaders see the value of community and are willing to pay the price to get our students there.

    back to EB, my Daytona highlight was Andy’s talk on FOCUS. he was really addressing students but i took it personally to me and my leadership here at 180x. to get to where we wanna end up with these students we must FOCUS and that will mean saying NO to a lot of things we’ve said YES for a long time. Attention gives direction and the result is DESTINATION.

    the DESTINATION for our students: here it is:
    that they will be growing in their relationship with God past the youth group
    that they will cling to God’s word and its principles FOR LIFE
    that they will always remember that they ARE called TO BE the church

    more later.

  4. May I interject – considering community – don’t rest on existing networks (schools or rec leauges, years of ZBC life), ZBC is no longer a jackson county only church – it’s a four county church (Barrow, Jackson, Hall, Gwinnett) and youth who attend must be intentionally and persistently drawn in to community at ZBC because they don’t have existing networks. Failure to do so will stymie the growth (spiritual and physical) of those students.

    My child has found it very difficult to build relationships with students since he attends school in a different county.

    forgive spelling errors. typing in a hurry.

  5. Dude I totally agree…The young generation is going to be the leading generation very soon and it is definetly time that we start investing in them and giving them the attention they deserve…GREAT BLOG BRO!!!

  6. I have always felt that we need to disciple our youth. If we don’t we lose a generation. The Journey 24/7 program that we have at church is all about discipleship. I have two children that are a testimony to it. One is with the Lord but I know she is having great conversations at this moment with those who have gone on before, because she knew her Bible. She had questions. Look at her prayer journals. She wanted to know so much. But you don’t get to a place like that in your spiritual life if you don’t first have faith and then knowledge. (II Peter 1:5-9) Journey 24/7 is about the faith ,goodness and knowledge of Jesus and His commands and how to apply it to your life. We need to raise an army for the Lord. It is our responsibility. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 says it all to us parents. It is our responsibility. Sarah is thinking of becoming an attorney. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone with her knowledge of the Bible to be able to debate our legal system. We need men and women, who truly know the Lord to be in our ministries and in jobs that define our laws. We don’t know how long it will be until the Lord comes back but until He does we need to continue the fight .

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