Worship today at Zion was contagious!  Our students led the charge for the congregation and many others followed across the room.  Some didn’t, but that’s OK, I’m sure they will eventually or become a minority quick.

Here was the set list:

Holy is the Lord (Tomlin), Everlasting God (Brown), Majesty (Smith/Garrard), Holy, Holy, Holy (Heber/Dykes)

I really don’t feel that the set list was the catalyst, the students were and I hope they understand that the music is not the worship.  What they did with their hearts was the worship. 

Most of Zion worshipped today.  Let’s not stop now!


4 Responses

  1. The worship definately was contageous … as was discussed last night in our small group … God has been moving and it is more and more evident each week.

    I think it is awesome that God is using the younger generation to provoke and challenge the older generation to step out of their comfort zone and be willing to experience God in a totally new way. Now I’m not saying that you have to walk to the front of the church to worship … but speaking from experience … when you step out of the comfort zone and let God out of the “box” we allow him to move more freely. A lot of places still put God in a box and will not let him move freely … and I am so glad and blessed to be a part of a church that isn’t afraid to push the envelope more and more.

    “Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is There Is Freedom!”

    I do think you need to watch out for that “Big Guy” in the sound booth … he seems to get a little carried away with the volume from time to time! LOL

    God Bless!

  2. I Love it!!!

  3. i like the big guy!!!! give me some depth in them subs, mang!!! or. we’ll steal them and hook them up in the warehouse. hit me in the chest. si mang!

  4. Well Thank You! Hey … I can crank it up more … I just don’t want to blow up the system! I don’t think there will be any subs growing legs … if you ever need one in the warehouse … I have a powered 18 inch Mackie Sub at the house that you can borrow! It will pack a punch and definately hit you in the chest!

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