Survey Says!

Worship set for today:

Majestic (Lincoln Brewster)

Step by Step (Rich Mullins)

You Are Holy/Prince of Peace (Marc Imboden and Tammi Rhoton)

I Stand Amazed (Passion style)


Come to Me (Eric Barnes)

Today we surveyed the congregation to see which service they would prefer a traditional 8:30 service or modern 11:00 service .  Verdict still out.

The message today from Mike Phillips was about balancing our belief and behavior.  The only balance is the Bible and we have to keep our behavior in balance with our belief.

If you have any comments, we’d love to hear them.


I love my sons

I guess we all expect each other to love our sons or daughters, but I really do.  My boys are the best things in my life, right after Jesus and my wife.  I will try to always do anything for them that is for their well being.

Now, they are not always perfect let’s get that straight.  They’re are times I have to jerk a knot in both of them, but they’re hearts are good hearts.  They fear me in a respectful sort of way, but know that I am the security teddy-bear in their lives.

I was playing some ball with my oldest son’s baseball team yesterday and had to jump over him to keep from falling and crushing the very life out of him.  When I landed on my right leg something popped and my knee gave way.  Needless to say dirt doesn’t taste good.  If I had just fell on top of my son I would have been fine, but he would have been potentially worse than I am now.  I will give up about anything for my boys and I view raising them like Jesus would as a neccessity to save their lives (physically and spiritually). 

That being said, sometimes I wonder how God could love us so much in order to have his son Jesus be sacrificed for you, me and the whole world.   God loves us so much.

Why RISK it?

Today’s worship set included:

All the Earth Will Sing His Praises (Baloche)

Without You (Baloche)

Without Him (LeFevre)

Heart of Worship (Redman)

All My Love

The message was about having faith to get out of the boat just like Peter did.  “If we’re going to have what we’ve never had, we have to do what we’ve never done.” Pastor Mike Phillips.

We also took a survey to see which people would want to go to an early service a little more traditional, and an 11:00 service that is more progressive music wise.



O.K.  Guys and gals, I am realizing that in most of my ministry related circles, which by the way is a ton of my life, something has been left out of the focus lately.

The name must be said, it is the name of the One who rescued me and all of those who choose to accept the Lord as Savior.  JESUS! 

I’ve noticed lately that His name hasn’t been said enough and I am going to help change that.  Get ready Sunday morning.  The name of the Glorious One will be repeated.  I will praise His name.  Will you join me?


Where is your faith?

Worship set for September 9th:


Let Everything That Has Breath

Lord You Are/I Exalt Thee

We Fall Down

I Bless Your Name

Today was a great day at Zion in my opinion.  Samuel Thomas, of Hopegivers International, a ministry to save orphans in India and across the world spoke today.  He was incarcerated a little over a year ago for the work of his ministry in India.  He told descriptive details of his jail time and challenged us all with the question, “Where is your faith?” 

My Love

September 2 – Today marks the eighteenth year that I have been married to my bride.  Wow!  It only seems like yesterday, but we have experienced some great things together.

I wonder what it will be like for Jesus when he comes again, this time for his bride?  I can only compare my own human experience and the elation that I found the day we were married.

 I love you Dana.

My Savior Loves

Here is the song set for today:

Awesome Is the Lord Most High

My Savior, My God

Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone

I’m Amazed  (Jon Graham)

My Redeemer Lives (Jennifer)

Flav did a great message titled, “Where’s God?”  When things aren’t going the way we had planned, “Where’s God?”