Where is your faith?

Worship set for September 9th:


Let Everything That Has Breath

Lord You Are/I Exalt Thee

We Fall Down

I Bless Your Name

Today was a great day at Zion in my opinion.  Samuel Thomas, of Hopegivers International, a ministry to save orphans in India and across the world spoke today.  He was incarcerated a little over a year ago for the work of his ministry in India.  He told descriptive details of his jail time and challenged us all with the question, “Where is your faith?” 


4 Responses

  1. my highlights- loved Adonai sound, kicked!!! great start mi mang
    i exalt thee – the crowd ate that up and the rest too
    Sam reminded us of the God who is with us in the storm – again! i loved it!!!
    no sissy god i ain’t serving, i dig that!!!!

  2. I loved the whole service – from the worship music to Samuel Thomas. I believe we all left (I know I did) feeling the power of the punch when it comes straight from God’s mighty hands.


  3. I loved yesterday too! I just wonder how people could ever hear a story like that and still believe there is no God! There is no other possible way for this man to still be on this earth, without a living God!
    The music was Great! I love singing strait to the heart of God, He loves to hear us exalting Him above all else!

  4. EB, i dig your speedometer, you gonna have to slow down, u scaring me every time i go with you!!!! rock on this Sunday!! lift the NAME OF JESUS high up!!!

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