O.K.  Guys and gals, I am realizing that in most of my ministry related circles, which by the way is a ton of my life, something has been left out of the focus lately.

The name must be said, it is the name of the One who rescued me and all of those who choose to accept the Lord as Savior.  JESUS! 

I’ve noticed lately that His name hasn’t been said enough and I am going to help change that.  Get ready Sunday morning.  The name of the Glorious One will be repeated.  I will praise His name.  Will you join me?



7 Responses

  1. Sometimes, it’s easy to turn down the volume on that all important name. Don’t you just want to shout it from the rooftops? I was recently convicted of the exact same thing: .

  2. Count me in!

  3. Me too! I love to hear it, say it, sing it & just take Him in! I’m there!!!!

  4. you do that and all else will fall into place! Can’t wait!!!

  5. Isn’t it interesting that you can say God as often as you want and the world doesn’t seem to mind. But as soon as you start talking about Jesus, they get uncomfortable. We need to be bold. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

  6. Bring it bro! I know “I” haven’t been “dying” enough lately.

    Ahhh just to say His name……JESUS! It’s says more than any prayer I could pray.

  7. Sandy, my point exactly. We even hide JESUS behind GOD sometimes and that’s not what GOD wants. JESUS, JESUS, JESUS

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