Survey Says!

Worship set for today:

Majestic (Lincoln Brewster)

Step by Step (Rich Mullins)

You Are Holy/Prince of Peace (Marc Imboden and Tammi Rhoton)

I Stand Amazed (Passion style)


Come to Me (Eric Barnes)

Today we surveyed the congregation to see which service they would prefer a traditional 8:30 service or modern 11:00 service .  Verdict still out.

The message today from Mike Phillips was about balancing our belief and behavior.  The only balance is the Bible and we have to keep our behavior in balance with our belief.

If you have any comments, we’d love to hear them.


6 Responses

  1. i don’t care about no surveys mang, gi’me some willow juice!!!!!!!!!!! now!!!

  2. So what was the verdict on the two services deal?

  3. done! We start on Nov. 4th! 8:30 more traditional, 11:00 same as today (with Freedom)

  4. cal, you ought to come lead the 8.30 one. fo sho!

  5. I’m down. I would definitley do it! Give me a mic, a guitar, and a panio and I will do it.

  6. Eric-
    you still stuck on the survey dawg???? dang!

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