My Only Crown

Worship set for this week:

Majestic – Lincoln Brewster

Trading My Sorrows – Darrell Evans

Fairest Lord Jesus/My Only Crown – Paul Baloche

My only crown is knowing You, and to be found in You my only glory.  And on that day I will bow down and bring to You my only crown.  Awesome lyrics.

Next week we start our NEW service.  The traditional service for the baby boomers.  I heard Larry Wynn say that we have to make a difference for the NEXT generation on a CD that I listened to from Hebron’s service 10/21/2007, but at Zion we’re going after the boomer generation instead.  Look out!  I think the reason we are going after them is that they don’t have as much time as the NEXT generation does for us to reach them. 

There maybe another reason……………………..???????????

By the way, I’m just curious, but does an unchurched baby boomer prefer hymns in worship?  Just curious. 


I Will Love

Pretty good day at ZBC.  The countdown to the “Baby Boomer” service is two weeks.

Here is the worship setlist for today:

Because of Your Love – (Paul Baloche)

Majesty – (Delirious?)

He Knows My Name – (Tommy Walker)

I Will Love – (Hillsong United)

Come To Me – (Eric Barnes)

I would like to thank Mrs. Dana (my bride) for a great job on “I Will Love” today!  Good stuff.  I think this song fits her as well as any I’ve heard her do.  And, she jumped in to help me for a soloist on this one.  Thanks bud.

I think this was a great set and look at the names for the writers.  Well, the last one is maybe a whatever, but the others were great.  Maybe this two services deal will give us some freedom for both the early attenders and the 11:00 shaker and movers.

Our Pastor, Mike Phillip’s message was part two of LO$T.  The main point I got was if we don’t get our financials in order we’re lost.  Sorry, if that sounds redundant.  Stay tuned for some practical ways for handling your finances in part three.

The Big Rock In The Road

Have you ever had something in your life that you tried to give God control or tried to let him lead?  Maybe He didn’t make something happen in your exact timing, or maybe His direction just wasn’t what you had imagined.  It just didn’t happen like you had pictured. 

I have felt this way many times, but I am learning that my way verses His way is just me ignoring His wisdom.  The interesting thing is that when I get out of His way, He often gives to me much more than I was expecting or asking.  When I have trusted Him, he has been faithful and when I am hard headed and insist on my own way He tends to let me go out there on my own.  I am learning that He is waiting for me to TRUST Him.  To place my FAITH in Him on everything.  It’s tough and I would be a liar to say I have mastered it, but I am trying my best to embrace the BIG ROCK IN THE ROAD.  For an explanation of the Big Rock check out Romans 9:30 – 33:

All those people who didn’t seem interested in what God was doing actually embraced what God was doing as he straightened out their lives. And Israel, who seemed so interested in reading and talking about what God was doing, missed it. How could they miss it? Because instead of trusting God, they took over. They were absorbed in what they themselves were doing. They were so absorbed in their “God projects” that they didn’t notice God right in front of them, like a huge rock in the middle of the road. And so they stumbled into him and went sprawling. Isaiah (again!) gives us the metaphor for pulling this together:

   Careful! I’ve put a huge stone on the road to Mount Zion,
      a stone you can’t get around.
   But the stone is me! If you’re looking for me,
      you’ll find me on the way, not in the way.


Worship Set for today:

Better Is One Day


Holy, Holy, Holy

Made Me Glad

Today’s message was the first of a three part series called Lo$t.  The main point was that we have to recognize we are lost when we have debt and how it keeps us slave to the loan.