My Only Crown

Worship set for this week:

Majestic – Lincoln Brewster

Trading My Sorrows – Darrell Evans

Fairest Lord Jesus/My Only Crown – Paul Baloche

My only crown is knowing You, and to be found in You my only glory.  And on that day I will bow down and bring to You my only crown.  Awesome lyrics.

Next week we start our NEW service.  The traditional service for the baby boomers.  I heard Larry Wynn say that we have to make a difference for the NEXT generation on a CD that I listened to from Hebron’s service 10/21/2007, but at Zion we’re going after the boomer generation instead.  Look out!  I think the reason we are going after them is that they don’t have as much time as the NEXT generation does for us to reach them. 

There maybe another reason……………………..???????????

By the way, I’m just curious, but does an unchurched baby boomer prefer hymns in worship?  Just curious. 


5 Responses

  1. Just a thought…If we’re just now impacting the baby boomer generation, what does the next generation have to look forward to? Seems like it’s playing catch up.

    Hymns are good, lyrically! Be creative (and that doesn’t mean just changing the tempo).

  2. Frankly Cal,

    Barna and others who do Christian statistical research, say that the church is dying because people are not being reached. Hey, I’m for reaching everyone, but our emphasis to grow as a church and keep growing has to be on the NEXT generations.

    Most Christians realize this and therefore is seems ODD when the emphasis is elsewhere. Just making some observations. Thanks for the input.

  3. i agree with EB
    NEXT gen is where our investment should be
    and i dont just say that because i work with teeagers
    feel me?

  4. Sorry, Eric but I’m laughing because I think you’re contradicting what you originally wrote. Can you just clarify, are you going after the NEXT generation or the baby boomer one? And with what? You said the traditional service is for the boomer gen. is that correct? Who exactly are the boomers and who is in the NEXT generation?

  5. we don’t know, Cal.
    and now i’m smiling….
    let’s stop name calling these generations. God’s people, is betta!

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