I never thank God or the people in my life enough.  So, thank you God and the people in my life.  You know who you are… especially God. 

My family puts up with so many things because of my job, personality and faults, but they have always been my greatest support, love and encouragement.  My friends are great as well and I love them too.  God has blessed me so many ways and times with them all.

Yesterday was a great day with my wife’s family at lunch and my folks for dinner.  I love them all.  Most of all I love you, Dana, Michael and Evan.  You all know and live with my best and worst and you are MY family.

Thank you most of all God, my Father and Jesus, my Lord for your blessings……


Romanians in the Woods Everywhere!

It was unbelievable there were Romanians running all through the woods on my parents property last night.  I’m not sure, but I think I saw Andy Stanley with them as well.  It was a first!  Once we got them calmed down we were able to feed them and do our best to communicate.  My parents had never had Romanians in their home and I thought they were going to bow when introducing themselves.  They were Romanian, not Chinese.  No need to bow.  I could see the excitement in my sons eyes, when they coaxed us into taking them up to the open field on the property and there they gazed into the dark sky.  My mom spoke to them about Jesus and the Christmas story from the shepherds point of view.  That was quick thinking on her part being in the middle of the field and all.  They seemed to feel at home.  I am sure they were thinking of their folks back in the homeland.  I think the youngest one’s father may have wacked him in the head because I heard him say, “I like seeing the stars!”  Once back at the house, we were able to have them eat some cookies and cake with hot chocolate and coffee.  Pretty soon they loaded up in their all terrain vehicle and disappeared.  As a sign of friendship one of the young ones left his hat as a peace offering .  All in all, it was an adventure!

Flaviu and Calin, thanks for bringing your families over.  We had a great time and you guys for real are the first Romanians to ever lay foot on that piece of the earth.  Maybe that’s not much of an honor for you, but it is to me.  May God bless you and your families. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Nothing hits home like a caricature.  They exaggerate the obvious details in a caricature. 

I love the Georgia Bulldogs, no doubt.  I’m a worship pastor and that must be the “alpo section” that I’m directing.  That’s funny… I don’t care whatcha’ say!  Something most folks don’t know is that I am also a travel baseball coach. 

I loved this picture when Zion gave it to me, the only thing that really took the wind out of me was the size of my FAT HEAD!!


Student Appreciation Banquet

Last night I attended a Parent Appreciation Banquet at Zion.  My wife and I were invited to be appreciated along with a huge group of parents of teens from 180x (our student ministry).

 Well, it was awesome!  They played music from our era, they played worship music from today that rocked, they thanked us many times for trusting Zion Student Ministry with our teens, they played games with us, they served us an awesome meal, and basically just loved on all us parents with the love of Jesus.  Honestly, it turned into a STUDENT APPRECIATION BANQUET. 

How can you not love students and leaders of students who dedicate themselves to becoming more like Jesus.  I was so proud of my son, Michael and his friends.  Our students are a great group.  They reflect JESUS.

Somebody let Sam know that I am still waiting on that extra gravy.

Thanks students of 180x!

We Talk Big…

You know…it’s been kind of hard to blog for me lately.  I’m getting tired of just talking.  I’m a little stuck.  I know many of the right answers and the best things to say, but I am now dealing with the decisions of doing what I say.  Facing things “no matter the cost.”  I’ve used this phrase several times in the last five years and it’s kept me on track.  Honestly, I am tired of all the talk, my own especially.  Yack! Yack! Yack!

It’s time to bust a move and face some things.  It’s time to solely depend on God the father and Jesus to show me how to go further.

Boxing Up Worries


Today’s message at Zion was about trusting God with our worries.  Our pastor asked that everyone take out a piece of paper and write down their biggest worry and then bring it to the boxes designated in the room and tons of people did it.  It was a humbling experience to see people unload their junk and trust God.  He is faithful.  I trust HIM.