Student Appreciation Banquet

Last night I attended a Parent Appreciation Banquet at Zion.  My wife and I were invited to be appreciated along with a huge group of parents of teens from 180x (our student ministry).

 Well, it was awesome!  They played music from our era, they played worship music from today that rocked, they thanked us many times for trusting Zion Student Ministry with our teens, they played games with us, they served us an awesome meal, and basically just loved on all us parents with the love of Jesus.  Honestly, it turned into a STUDENT APPRECIATION BANQUET. 

How can you not love students and leaders of students who dedicate themselves to becoming more like Jesus.  I was so proud of my son, Michael and his friends.  Our students are a great group.  They reflect JESUS.

Somebody let Sam know that I am still waiting on that extra gravy.

Thanks students of 180x!


3 Responses

  1. I echo Eric’s comments. The night was awesome! The leaders and students should be so proud of themselves for an incredible job well done!! It was a great night to enjoy with our kids and relax with other parents. Thank you, Flav, for planting the seed of appreciation in our kids!

  2. Win!!!
    Eric, thanks for the feedback dawg. To hear your input – since you are a parent of one of our teens – means the world to me. I’m soooooooo proud of our teens and our team!!!
    They rock!!!
    Gravy coming your way soon! It’ll just have be at sbux!!! hehe
    Tammy, glad you all made it. Hannah is amazing. I’ll be working on Joshua, count on it!

  3. I watched the little ones that evening. Since I don’t hang with the teens I didn’t hear much on how the evening went. I’m glad to hear it was enjoyed by all. That makes the Veggie Tales movies all worth it. Glad to have been a silent part of your awesome evening.

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