Nothing hits home like a caricature.  They exaggerate the obvious details in a caricature. 

I love the Georgia Bulldogs, no doubt.  I’m a worship pastor and that must be the “alpo section” that I’m directing.  That’s funny… I don’t care whatcha’ say!  Something most folks don’t know is that I am also a travel baseball coach. 

I loved this picture when Zion gave it to me, the only thing that really took the wind out of me was the size of my FAT HEAD!!



6 Responses

  1. u phat dawg!
    the latte’s huh?

  2. Way too much hair on that fat head too.

  3. Dude!! And how ’bout that “fivehead?” SHWEEET!

  4. All three of you are so vain…..I think you all should take a trip to Vegas in the spring, they need a few more Elvis’ with all that HAIR you guys have. Romanian Elvis, Jack Nicholson Elvis and the Count of Monte Cristo Elvis.

    Thanks for the comments guys…I realize you were very nice. GO DAWGS!!

  5. I’m not Romanian.

  6. Oh, and by the way. Set your clock. I’m not a Californian, either.

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