Well the Barnes family has been initiated into the Apple world.  Michael received an iPod and a docking station stereo for Christmas.  It’s a cool thing, but they have yo money now.

It cost enough initially and keeps on costing.  What a great business plan.  Simple economics.  Let’s sell them something and then service it for the rest of their lives.

It really should be called the “iPay.”


A Day with the Fam


Today was a great day!  I love Christmas and hate that it’s over.  I love the celebrating, worship, eating and the fact that the whole country takes off (more than any other holiday). 

But today was different, we went with our boys and their gift cards to do a little shopping.  There we people everywhere!  I was shocked.  For an old Dacula boy it just seems so much more populated than ten years ago.  The reason for it…it is more populated.  (Einsteinish remark)   The U.S. Census bureau estimated that Gwinnett county’s population has increased from 588,000 in 2000 to 756,000 in 2006.  Well, I know where they were today, Snellville with us.  WOW!  That’s a bunch of folks.

We did have a great time though.  We went to American Eagle and the boys bought some cool dude clothes.  We walked into Coldstone creamery and four girls were either checking me out or Michael one.  I told him not to worry, it was probably me they were eyeing.  He had doubt in his eyes. 

Oh…and the girl at the American Eagle checkout was a UGA student, so I told her that was where I went to college and she said, “Yeah, my dad went there too.”  EGO BUSTER!   I wanted to say yeah so did mine, but he didn’t.  Oh well.

All in all it was a great day with my wife and boys.

Has It Been 14 Years?


Happy Birthday Michael!!!  It seems like yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital in a stocking that they packaged all the December babies.

Now I have a son growing into manhood.  He’s got a way to go, but he’s on the right path and I am a proud papa.  Any of you teenage girls out there that might be interested, let me give you a tip:  ask him to throw a baseball with you and you’ll have him hook, line and sinker.

 Love you, boy!

My Christmas Card to the King


Merry Christmas, Jesus!  Thank you for rescuing me.  I owe you everything.  Your blessings are immeasurable.  I look forward to the day when all of us praise you face to face.  Celebrating eternal life with the King of Kings and God the Father.  Thank you for your love today and everyday.

Thought For The Day…

Isn’t it interesting that it’s not atheism or agnosticism that slows us down as Christ followers?  The truth is our fire is fueled when we come up against them.
But, isn’t it also interesting that the thing that slows down our effectiveness the most or stifles our freedom as a follower is the thing that looks like following Christ, but isn’t?    RELIGION

Cals Home!

Cal is one of my young brothers.  I don’t actually have any brothers biologically, but I have many through Christ.  Cal was in our student band and our weekend service’s band for years and now he is attending school at “Hillsong” in Australia.  He has been gone several months and just arrived for Christmas this week.  One sad note, his grandmother (his family refers to her as Momma Rooks) met Jesus face to face this week right after Cal got home.  Please lift up the Waldorf, Rooks and Duck families this week.

When I saw Cal I was so glad to see him again.  Friends are true and they miss each other when apart.  I am so proud and glad for Cal in what he is doing, but I sure do miss him on a weekly basis and I know Flav, our student pastor does as well.  Guys like Cal are sometimes few and far between, but they shouldn’t be.  Several of us are going through different seasons of life, but we’re friends none the less.  I can’t wait to see what more God is going to do with Cal. 

Jesus, Everything Glorious!


This week has been a marathon and many up and down emotions and stress for many people who made our worship concert “Everything Glorious” possible. 

The importance of the day was to convey to everyone that Jesus is Everything Glorious!  As great as it was and as pleased as I am over the effort it still is only about JESUS and he was praised in high energy today.

There are tons of people who should be thanked for their efforts and I will be spending the next weeks just to thank them all, but here are a few for a start.  Ashley Ware, Glenn Thrasher, Andrea Waldrip, Keith Ware, Jed Mercadante, Jeff Gray, Tom Cain, Mike Phillips, Flaviu Pop, Ann Turner, Dana Smith, Dana Barnes, Mrs. Bobbie Kinney and her team, Carrie Ann, Robert Siple, David Pugh, our band (the greatest), the choir(also, the greatest), Static (the best), and our drama team (just unbelievable) and the best grips and technical team ever!  And so many others who helped spread the word.  You all are amazing!

There were many outside of Zion that I need to thank as well,  Hebron Baptist Church, John Williams, Jackie McFarland, Phillip Shababy, Dan Seckinger, and Derrell Smith (Braselton post office).  Thanks to all of you.

JESUS is Everything Glorious!  Don’t you agree?