Jesus Would Have Done the Moonwalk


You might ask, who did you see moonwalk?  Michael Jackson?  No, although I think he is the king of moonwalking and we’ll leave his personal life alone on this post.  What I am talking about had 1000 times more impact than MJ doing his infamous moonwalk. 

You see, Mrs. Dana and I went to check on a little girl, Caroline who is about to turn three at the Children’s hospital near Emory in Atlanta.  She and her mom, Heidi are in Mrs. Dana’s Kindermusik class.  Caroline had a liver transplant when she was 11 months old.  Her second home all her life has been the Children’s hospital because of this liver condition.  Earlier this week they told her parents that her body was rejecting the liver.  Not good.  Mrs. Dana made it clear that she had to go check on Caroline today and so I drove her down and we did.  Buddy, let me tell you she is cute as a bucket full of puppies.

Here is the good news.  Several folks have been praying for her this week.  While we were there the whole group of liver specialists (doctors) came by and said what they were doing for her was helping and she may get to go home in a few days.  All the numbers looked good.  Imagine that!  So, that’s  a miracle and good news, but that is not what blew me away.

All of the sudden I heard the Michael Jackson song “Billy Jean” turned up loud and a crowd of nurses, doctors and assistants lined the liver patients hallway clapping, dancing and shouting.  It was the best worship service I have ever witnessed.  I noticed all the sick children easing out of their rooms to see what was the commotion.  The next thing I knew  one of the doctors way down at the end of the hallway started to moonwalk backwards towards a 16 year old girl (patient) in a wheelchair at the other end of the hallway.  His moonwalk wasn’t the best I’ve seen technically, but it moved me more than any moonwalk I’ve ever seen.  This doctor had promised this girl as she worked to recover that the day she would get released from the hospital to go home, he would do the moonwalk down the hall and he did it in front of everyone.  What a LEADER.  He had the love of all those people, you could see it. 

I witnessed a valuable lesson that I’ve had the privilege of seeing before, but it was a great reminder.  Great leaders risk their pride and they truly love and care for those that they lead as they encourage them to fight the battle.  

Jesus would have done the moonwalk, I ‘m sure of it. 


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