Jesus, Everything Glorious!


This week has been a marathon and many up and down emotions and stress for many people who made our worship concert “Everything Glorious” possible. 

The importance of the day was to convey to everyone that Jesus is Everything Glorious!  As great as it was and as pleased as I am over the effort it still is only about JESUS and he was praised in high energy today.

There are tons of people who should be thanked for their efforts and I will be spending the next weeks just to thank them all, but here are a few for a start.  Ashley Ware, Glenn Thrasher, Andrea Waldrip, Keith Ware, Jed Mercadante, Jeff Gray, Tom Cain, Mike Phillips, Flaviu Pop, Ann Turner, Dana Smith, Dana Barnes, Mrs. Bobbie Kinney and her team, Carrie Ann, Robert Siple, David Pugh, our band (the greatest), the choir(also, the greatest), Static (the best), and our drama team (just unbelievable) and the best grips and technical team ever!  And so many others who helped spread the word.  You all are amazing!

There were many outside of Zion that I need to thank as well,  Hebron Baptist Church, John Williams, Jackie McFarland, Phillip Shababy, Dan Seckinger, and Derrell Smith (Braselton post office).  Thanks to all of you.

JESUS is Everything Glorious!  Don’t you agree?


3 Responses

  1. Thank God for talented people He sent our way and keeps sending!
    In my books these are still the hits:
    1. This is our God! – lyrics amazing, ‘deep’ and the video did it too!
    2. There are no orphans.
    Just me.
    Great pick, EB. Sip?

  2. I do agree…..He is “Everything Glorious”! And thank you, Eric, for being an incredible leader for HIM and for your commitment to share HIS love! Love you!

  3. Everything was awesome… from the minute we walked in the front doors – it was cool. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite — but, just know — the message was clear, the music was great, and the spirit/Spirit was inspiring. All the guys really liked it too – and for some of them, this was a really new kind of experience. Great job Eric — Great job Zion Worship Team… …GREAT JOB GOD!!!!!

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