Cals Home!

Cal is one of my young brothers.  I don’t actually have any brothers biologically, but I have many through Christ.  Cal was in our student band and our weekend service’s band for years and now he is attending school at “Hillsong” in Australia.  He has been gone several months and just arrived for Christmas this week.  One sad note, his grandmother (his family refers to her as Momma Rooks) met Jesus face to face this week right after Cal got home.  Please lift up the Waldorf, Rooks and Duck families this week.

When I saw Cal I was so glad to see him again.  Friends are true and they miss each other when apart.  I am so proud and glad for Cal in what he is doing, but I sure do miss him on a weekly basis and I know Flav, our student pastor does as well.  Guys like Cal are sometimes few and far between, but they shouldn’t be.  Several of us are going through different seasons of life, but we’re friends none the less.  I can’t wait to see what more God is going to do with Cal. 


One Response

  1. you know it, EB. this auzzie boy betta get his bootey back here when he is done with hillsong. it’s good to have him back, long hair and all … Cal is a leader and a visionary. to hang with him and to have him around … good times!!! if you just knew him back when he first picked up guitar…

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