My Christmas Card to the King


Merry Christmas, Jesus!  Thank you for rescuing me.  I owe you everything.  Your blessings are immeasurable.  I look forward to the day when all of us praise you face to face.  Celebrating eternal life with the King of Kings and God the Father.  Thank you for your love today and everyday.


8 Responses

  1. When Christ came, grace came … He was full of it. God’s favor towards mankind … God’s kingdom here and now. The life He lived … the model for the kind of lives we ought to live. His vision … our vision.

  2. The Birth of Christ the King….that is when Love Came Down! And he shall reign for ever and ever!

  3. Happy Birthday Jesus!
    Though my words aren’t eloquent, you know my deepest thoughts, hopes and desires. Jesus, thank you for coming, saving, and keeping me. You are my everything.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and I love you!

  4. I love you, Jesus. Thank you for changing my life……….

  5. Thank you, Jesus, for another year of evidence of your love to me.There’s not enough space for lising all the blessings. You were there in the good times and the bad.
    You were there in times of my struggle to do the right thing in difficult situations.
    You were there when my heart hurt, but I couldn’t cry.
    You were there when I felt numb and out of touch with life around me.
    You were there– leading me, encouraging me, and loving me.
    Thank you, Jesus, Thank you!
    I love you, Happy Birthday!

  6. Jesus… Thank you for yourself… the only One who can – and has – made me significant, made me secure… saved me completely, forever… despite knowing me better than I even know myself. You are awesome! There are no human words or actions that can come close to adequately describing you – and nothing I can offer you will make you better. I love you!

  7. “There is nothing I can hide from You, You see me better than I can”. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

  8. Awesome Card. Jesus still changes lives.

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