Has It Been 14 Years?


Happy Birthday Michael!!!  It seems like yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital in a stocking that they packaged all the December babies.

Now I have a son growing into manhood.  He’s got a way to go, but he’s on the right path and I am a proud papa.  Any of you teenage girls out there that might be interested, let me give you a tip:  ask him to throw a baseball with you and you’ll have him hook, line and sinker.

 Love you, boy!


5 Responses

  1. What a handsome young man. I’m so proud of him. Happy 14th, Michael!
    We are blessed…….love you, buddy!

  2. Michael-
    your papa and momma can be proud!!! you are one awesome young man. keep Jesus first place and all else will take care of itself. love you dawg. Happy B-day! soon you’ll drive that Yukon!!!! hehe

  3. I was in the ladies room at church this morning and there were at least (5) young teenage girls in there and all they had to talk about was “Michael”. (Maybe he can teach Kyle some of his moves????)

    Happy Birthday, Michael!

    Marty (Glenn, Joel and Kyle)

  4. Flav, Yukon – that’s funny, no.

    Marty, Awesome! I think his theory is avoidem’ and if that’s works, I guess he’s doing way better than his Dad. I already had eyes for his mom by his age.

  5. Happy 14TH, Michael!
    You are very special to us and we are so proud of you! God bless you!

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