A Day with the Fam


Today was a great day!  I love Christmas and hate that it’s over.  I love the celebrating, worship, eating and the fact that the whole country takes off (more than any other holiday). 

But today was different, we went with our boys and their gift cards to do a little shopping.  There we people everywhere!  I was shocked.  For an old Dacula boy it just seems so much more populated than ten years ago.  The reason for it…it is more populated.  (Einsteinish remark)   The U.S. Census bureau estimated that Gwinnett county’s population has increased from 588,000 in 2000 to 756,000 in 2006.  Well, I know where they were today, Snellville with us.  WOW!  That’s a bunch of folks.

We did have a great time though.  We went to American Eagle and the boys bought some cool dude clothes.  We walked into Coldstone creamery and four girls were either checking me out or Michael one.  I told him not to worry, it was probably me they were eyeing.  He had doubt in his eyes. 

Oh…and the girl at the American Eagle checkout was a UGA student, so I told her that was where I went to college and she said, “Yeah, my dad went there too.”  EGO BUSTER!   I wanted to say yeah so did mine, but he didn’t.  Oh well.

All in all it was a great day with my wife and boys.


3 Responses

  1. Just ran across your blog on WordPress. . . love it, by the way. Glad to see you had a good family day. I read a lot of blogs, and there are MANY people out there who don’t feel that way about their families. You are blessed indeed! Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Welcome. Thanks. Happy New Year to your family as well.

  3. Erique-
    we love your fams!!! we count it as a HUGE blessing to have you here with us at Zion. you my next door southerner, sipping and eating cirnat with comma under t, nobody but me and you know what i am talking about.
    no chickens allowed, deadgumit!

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