Praying Big

I was reminded and challenged by a good friend of mine to pray BIG this week and I have been for a while and continue to do so.  This week God answered some prayers that I have been waiting on an answer for some time.  He has opened some new thoughts, ideas and opportunities for me this year and I’m going for them.  Look out!  It might just be something BIG. 

What are we praying for?  We shouldn’t just pray that the corn on our big toe will heal.  That’s important, but one day that corn won’t matter much in the long run.  How do we work on a LEGACY?  Maybe this is a better question for God.  “God, please use me for something BIG for Your kingdom that lasts forever.  Will you do that for me God?”  If we have accepted God’s gift of forgiveness and eternal life, we shouldn’t forget that we are CHILDREN (heirs) to the almighty God.  Let’s not be afraid to pray BIG and then do something BIG with Him.  He wants to include us in His plans. 

Jeremiah 29:11-13 – check it out!


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