The Dip


A great read.  I read it last night.  It’s only 80 pages long.  Hey that’s pretty good for a country boy from Dacula, Georgia.

The cover reads, “A Little Book That Teaches You When To Quit (And When To Stick)” authored by Seth Godin.  It’s a very interesting book and has a ton of heart shaking points and in your face challenges.  I recommend it.

Basically, the author refers to the dip as the opportunity that you have and the cycle that one must go through to be GREAT (Reminds me of something a friend said a couple of weeks ago.) 

Sorry… back to the dip.  We all start a new idea, job or opportunity with freshness and excitement.  Then, the dip happens.  It’s hard and the infatuation has rubbed off.  The question is, should we quit before we’ve invested more than we should or see it through?  

The author uses another term called, the Cul-de-Sac, french for dead end. 

I quote:

 “It’s a situation where you work and you work and you work and nothing much changes.  It doesn’t get a lot better, it doesn’t get a lot worse.  It just is.  That’s why they call those jobs dead-end jobs.

There’s not a lot to say about the Cul-de-sac except to realize that it exists and to embrace the fact that when you find one, you need to get off it, fast.  That’s because the dead end is keeping you from doing something else.  The opportunity cost of investing your life in something that’s not going to get better is just too high.”

On the other hand, if the opportunity is a dip then you must know when and how to stick it out.  The dip according to Seth Godin is “the long slog between starting and mastery.”  So, find the dip and invest.  If you are in a Cul-de-Sac, get out fast and start investing and working through the thing that you are willing to do to be the best and strive for it like crazy.

Good tips for us all from Seth Godin.


3 Responses

  1. da dip! nice nice. got it last year and ate it up! Godin rules. hitting a little too close to home? rock on Laryboy!

  2. Is “slog” really a word? I mean, I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced it. More than once even. But, I’m not sure it’s really a word??? That’s weird….

    Another thing about a cul-de-sac…no need in going down that road AGAIN once you know it leads to nowhere!

  3. slog
    1. to hit hard, as in boxing or cricket; slug.
    2. to drive with blows.
    –verb (used without object) 3. to deal heavy blows.
    4. to walk or plod heavily.
    5. to toil.
    –noun 6. a long, tiring walk or march.
    7. long, laborious work.
    8. a heavy blow.

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