On The Fly

Worship set for today:

 Mighty is Our God – Greco, Gustafson, Moen

Better is One Day – Matt Redman

Here I Am to Worship – Tim Hughes

Everything Glorious –

What Can I Do – Eric Barnes

Come To Me – Eric Barnes

Good day at ZBC.  It’s always a great atmosphere the day after a snow, people are buzzing.  The point of the message was “Are we available for God.”  Well, that’s the point I got anyway.  I wrote a chorus right before the invitation and I told a couple of guys in our band that I was going to do it (acapella).  They had strange eyes for me, but I did it anyway and then we did “Come To Me.”  All in all, it was an inspirational day for me and I hope many others.


5 Responses

  1. Steppin’ out of the plan?

    Our man E read the defense….Called an audible…and threw a touchdown!

    Leader with A Cause!

    Rock on E!

  2. I always like spontaneous worship! True worship meant for that very moment!

    I agree it was definately a TouchDown!

    Now that you have it finished I think it will pack even more of a punch!

    Truly an awesome gift!

  3. Go to NPCC and check out “Just Ask”, let me know what you think after that?

  4. Hey “On the Fly Guy” –

    Worship includes as much or more listening than it does what we personally say or do. Your willingness to first listen – and then obey The God was both inspirational and, I’m sure in the eyes of some – a huge risk. Bravo for your courage – your vision – and your God-style transparency. Fly some more!

  5. Thanks guys. I couldn’t take my usual Sunday nap. Had to finish it and I’m pleased. Stay tuned for the rest.

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