Great Job Guys!!!

Today was a great day for me personally in our worship.  We had to replan the worship set this morning due to some of our folks with sick children.  It’s always a challenge when this happens, but children get sick and parents have to see to their priorities.

In the meantime, our worship team hit a home run anyway.  Here is the set list:

Trading My Sorrows – Darrell Evans

Without You – Paul Baloche

Jesus Paid It All – the Delirious version

The Way I Was Made – Chris Tomlin

Only Grace – Matthew West

Come To Me – Eric Barnes

By the way Jed and Band, “The Way I Was Made” was just as awesome today as it was at the Sportsmen’s dinner.  Robert, “Only Grace” is always your greatest standby don’t ever stop singing that one.  Thanks to you both for bailing me out of a bind.  Great job guys!!!


2 Responses

  1. Jed’s song was awesome yesterday, what talent. We need to hear more from him.

  2. Hey Eric,

    Carl said the service was great. He said Kyle really rocked and Jed was amazing. I was home with a sick child so I missed it…yet again! I hate that!!!!

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