Who Cares?!!


There has been a 92% increase in the number of unchurched Americans in the last thirteen years. In 1991 there were 39 million unchurched Americans compared with 75 million currently. (2004)   (Barna Research Group)

So, in thirteen years the number has grown 36 million people that are unchurched in AMERICA. 

HELLO….!!!!  This is the country WE live in, not some third world country.  What are we doing about it as the church?  Are we simply minoring on the minors?

75 million Americans are setup for an eternity without the presence of a loving God who provided his Son as a payment for the sins of the world.  So, what seems to be the lack of interest or hindrances for the unchurched?  Do we just blame them for not coming? 

Could it be because we are too busy to worry with them?  Could it be that we know that our church environments would only get them to attend once and might keep them from ever attending again?  Could it be that we like it with the few (members) we have and bringing in outsiders might change the way we DO CHURCH?  Could it be that as an institution, we have only become traditional and viewed as religious rhetoric?

We’ve got a job to do.  We must CHANGE.  If we care to make a dent in this number of people who are unchurced in America we must do things that get attention and break away from mediocrity and the status quo (just doing church).  We must make an impact on the generations to come.  In order to do that we must not centralize on our traditions and rules from yesteryear, that’s what the Pharisees did.  JESUS WAS DEAD SET AGAINST IT!  We have to get creative and it takes work.  We must be seen as a close nit group that loves each other and works to love those who have yet to find Christ.  It’s not an option.  If we don’t do this, God will have to raise up a generation without our influence and help and I personally don’t want to have to answer for this.

It’s time to MAJOR on the MAJORS!

Anybody else seeing this?   


10 Responses

  1. I say lead, follow or get out of the way. Time to smell da st. Arbux, folks!

  2. Awesome – and so true. I believe in the Church. I believe that the Church is God ordained and completely in sync with His plan for a true Christian. However, I believe with equal conviction that a very small percentage of Churches/Church “Leaders” have the vision or will that Jesus did. We have an old saying in America to describe when something isn’t going the way the “founder” of it intended: “he’d be rolling over in his grave if he could see this now”. Well, Jesus isn’t in any grave – praise God – but I’m certain… absolutely certain – that His heart is broken by what we have come to call “church”. If what most churches do is what we count for being referred to as “churched”… count me as one of the “unchurched”.
    I hope that’s not too “rebellious”… and, I don’t mean it pridefully or arrogantly… but it appears that the people Jesus called Pharisees are still running most churches (and still occupying many pews). Once man realizes that the Church doesn’t exist for him — but for Him, wow!!! — what a radical change. But, as long as it remains about traditions, rituals, committment cards, position, power, buildings, programs, money, status, numbers, hands raised, busses, etc. —– well……… it is what it is, and there will continue to be fewer and fewer true Churches where the lost can both find the God – and find a home.

  3. I think the major issue that all churches face now and in the future is what to do with traditions and rituals that seem odd in a modern world.

    I’m not talking about doctrine or belief systems or even the scripture.

    Take something as simple as the music. It mostly 16th to 18th century pop music. It suffers the same fate that all classical music faces.

    Take the language. Most of the scripture is written in what they spoke two or three hundred years ago. So now it tends to be cryptic and hard to read.

    Look at the rituals that come from folklore and superstition some of it’s popular like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny but others just don’t make a lot of sense.

    So is the church of the 21st century losing members because they are still like the church of the 4th century?

  4. Wow…..I see lots of “vision” here….Eric, Flav and Dan! I like it and agree 100%!

  5. Right on target Eric! Like Dan, if being “churched” means following the religious rituals and formality of our parents and grandparents because that’s the way church is supposed to be to be real worship and truely reverent, THEN COUNT ME AMONG THE UNCHURCHED.

    I’m just about sick of the piety we see and hear because an individual or group feels that the church is their first and foremost to serve their specific ideals of what it means to be spiritual. GET OVER IT!

    We, all of us, must be focused on what Jesus was focused on! Reaching the lost where they are in whatever their condition.

    So the question becomes:
    A) are you as an individual ready to set aside your own desires, likes, dislikes, and preconceptions of what church is supposed to be and trade them up for what God wishes for us to become?
    B) How do we muster and utilize the collective skills, strengths, and talents of all our people to this end?

  6. The “old-school” church environment will continue to have “old-school” conversations about what to do to reach the “unchurched”. Problem is, the “unchurched” majority have seen this “environment” before, and is exactly the reason they have “opted out”.

    The Pharasitical community is thriving in modern-day Judea, and Christ still has issues with them . If He has to come back to make the point in person again….game over.

  7. P. S. Is that an old picture of Roseanne Barr you’ve been hiding from us all this time?

  8. I agree. I am ready for our church to go to the next level. It is so all about God, his Son Jesus Christ and absolutely connecting those who don’t know Him with the real person of Him- not some waxed over version of what we have made Him out to be.

    Let’s all just be real and be so loving to each other and so inviting to outsiders that they can’t help but see a difference. I want us to “ooze” Jesus, because He is truly contagious. When we are ready to do that, we will go to another level and God will receive the just glory for it!

  9. I do.

    Churched vs. Un-Churched

    I’m not sold on the fact that the world is denying Jesus as much as they are “His” church these days. Guess what that means? It isn’t His fault that the seats are empty, we have no one to keep “our” kids in the nursery and we’re dangerously tardy paying the light bill. After all, that’s what matters….right?

    “Who wants to go to church when that’s where all “The Christians” are?”

    Full of “Christians,” our churches have become no place to find refuge or grace..nor do we have even the slightest idea of what mercy is. But I need to TESTIFY!!! We’ve got a word of judgement for any “brother or sister.” Better yet we can sure…. walk THAT judgement talk.
    For some reason we think Jesus will bless that and the world should be rushing in to get a big fat slice of the “Heaven” we know.

  10. We have to reach people with the Gospel when they are still young. That’s not to say we should ignore the others. But let’s face it. Satan has many tools to do his dirty work and we have failed in one important area – children. While there are many people out there that have a heart for the young and are doing a great job, more needs to be done. More people need to get involved. This begins at home with our own children. The responsibility falls on the fathers. This is biblical. We have lost the battle when it comes to the foundation of our belief. I am talking about Genesis. It’s time to get back to the authority of the Word of God and fight this thing called evolution. Our kids are bombarded with it everyday – TV, books, movies, school. I know this seems way off from what the subject matter is, but I am very serious and I hope that all who read this will consider what I have written. Thanks Eric.

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