I Miss My Time With You


Today’s worship set:

Beautiful One  –  Tim Hughes

Arise  –  Paul Baloche, Don Moen

Here I Am To Worship  –  Tim Hughes

Dive  –  Steven Curtis Chapman

Jed, I couldn’t remember the title of the song for invitation.  It was the first time I heard it.  Great song!  Went great with the message about our individual time with the Lord.  Robert, your song was the best to me at 8:30 and it fit the message perfect as well.  Thanks to all of you guys for your talents for the Lord and your hearts and dedication.


5 Responses

  1. Eric … great job to you and the band as always!

    The song I did was “I Need You More” – Lindell Cooley & Bruce Haynes.

    Thank You for giving us the opportunity to use our talents!

  2. Rock on worship team!!! I need u more is one of my old time favorites. I used to listen to it years ago… And now Jedd brought it back. Jedd rules!!!!

  3. Yes, the worship set yesterday was great. The set doesn’t always touch me but the set yesterday I don’t know maybe just the right mix of energy and reverence for the day. It really touched me and I was really able to worship there on the stage. I just wish the congregation were more into it. I was ready to pass out coffee and wake them up. Jed’s “I Need You More” was a perfect ending for the day – hope to hear that one again sometime.

  4. In golf terms, worship was a 280 yrd drive down the the fairway with an 8 iron into the green. Jed had the tap in birdie! Great stuff gang!

  5. Thanks Jed. I almost had the title correct, but didn’t want to chance it. Thanks for listing the writers.

    Honestly, there were great songs yesterday, but somedays I say, “God that was all for you, hope you liked it.” Yesterday was one of those days for me.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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