TODAY’s Worship!!! EB out of town!!!

OK.  I know what they played because I had a role in that, but I want to hear from all of my fellow bloggers and commenters on how today went.  You write the blog for me today!!
Thanks, EB


My Baby’s Going Double Digits!!!


That’s right…the big 1 – 0.  I can’t believe it’s happening.  Ten years and zip they’re gone.  He is a cool dude and he’s my son!  He knows Jesus and loves others.  I know he’ll have some days where he’ll struggle, but I feel good about who he is and who he knows.

His birthday is Sunday and we told him we would give him his b-day gift from us today as soon as he got home from school.  I bet school was long today…  You should have seen him running down the street when he got off the bus.  He was screaming and yelling, “I knew it!  I knew it!”  He jumped on his new HUMMER bike and rode and rode and rode with a big grin on his face.  That’s my buddy…I love that Evan!

Godfreys – Serving Others


This collage of photos has been used in our GroupLink events to show how our small groups serve others.  The servants in the pictures are Rod (yellow shirt), Clare (in shorts) and Eric (green shirt) and others from their group.

Last spring they were helping a family with a handicap ramp, so that the entrance would be wheel chair accesible  for the family that lives in this home.  It was awesome and they finished it in a day….just helping others.

March 16th, Rod and Eric both went to be with the Lord after a head on collision in Atlanta.  Rod and Eric are in the presence of God Almighty.  Clare is at Atlanta Medical Center going through surgery after surgery.  Jacob their youngest son is recovering from minor injuries and is staying with the Plog family one of our families at Zion.  Monday was Jacob’s first day back to school.

The shock is wearing off and there is depression in dealing with the reality of what has happened for Clare.  She still has a long road ahead and many bills on the way. 

It’s time to help the Godfreys…

WSB-TV 2 and 11Alive – WXIA are working on the story to expose what has happened and to mention the funds that have been set up to help with medical bills and such.  The story was somewhat shadowed because of the tornadoes that came through Atlanta the same week.  The story will be aired this week, so be watching for it.  Please pass along the news to your friends, family and community. 

Here is the information regarding the funds:

If you want to make a donation, there are a few ways.

  1. For those who would like to give through the Godfrey’s church, Zion Baptist Church, you can make your check out to Zion Baptist and be sure to write for The Godfrey Fund and they will take care of getting it to Hamilton Bank.
  2. You can also take your donation to any Mason making the check out to The Rockwell Lodge Godfrey Endowment Fund.
  3. You can also make your check out to either of these funds and send it to The Hamilton State Bank, P.O. Box 249, Hoschton, GA 30548.

Anything we do for them will be appreciated.  Let’s love the Godfreys and show God’s love to them.

Easter Sunday!

Worship Set from Sunday:

Alive, Forever Amen – Moffit,  Smith and Travis Cottrell

Jesus, Paid it All – Nifong, Hall and Grape

The Lamb Has Overcome – Moffit, Smith and Travis Cottrell

The Wonderful Cross Reeves, Tomlin, Walt & Isaac Watts

Great turnout to praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead.  Jesus LIVES!  He’s ALIVE!  He has overcome sin, death and hell!  Forever He lives! 

Worship team, great job!  I am fortunate to work with people like you all.


Redneck Easter Egg Hunt!!


What has the world come to?  Easter egg hunting on four wheelers.  Now that some lazy egg huntin’.

When I was a kid (some of you are laughing by this point), we dyed our eggs.  That’s right, real eggs that had been boiled?  After that some adults went and hid the eggs and if you found them you could peel and eat them.  YUCK!

It’s not fair…today the kid’s grandparents buy these plastic eggs and put candy and money in the eggs and the kids expect it.  And my own family was riding around looking for the eggs.  What’s next, an egg hunt on the Xbox 360 (I had to ask my oldest son what the name of the video box was) and when you find an egg the money inside is a direct deposit to your bank account??!!!!

So what are you doing for Easter?  By the way, our family does know the real meaning of Easter and the importance of Jesus Christ paying the price for our sins, so for those of you ready to condemn our pagan practice of egg hunting, pray and then consider if it’s really worth it. 

Thank you Jesus for paying the price for my sins!!

Happy hunting!! 

Where Joy And Sorrow Meet

Hard to do this today.  Here is the worship set from yesterday:

The Way I Was Made – Chris Tomlin

Friend Of God – Israel Houghton

Here I Am To Worship – Tim Hughes

Where Joy And Sorrow Meet – David James White

Pour My Love On You – Jed Mercadante

There is new meaning to “The Way I Was Made” and “Where Joy and Sorrow Meet.”  Please pray for Clare and Jacob. 

God, please be with the Godfrey family today and our church.  In Jesus name.

The Godfreys

Last night was so heart wrenching.  Please pray for Clare and Jacob as they begin this new chapter of life.  Flav gave a very accurate description.  You can learn more from the post below.