We the church in general and Zion specifically have not LOVED our community and those outside of our bubble like we can and should, but we will. 

So many of us think that if we check mark all the spiritual boxes that we LOVE God and He LOVES us.  Well, He LOVES us, but we don’t LOVE Him if we don’t love other’s the way JESUS LOVED.  We can check all the boxes there are and if we don’t LOVE people, we aren’t loving God or Jesus. 

Here is my goal and life purpose:

  1. LOVE God
  2. LOVE each other (believer’s, so that the world will believe)
  3. LOVE others (those who haven’t yet begun a relationship with the RESCUER.)

Let’s prove we LOVE God by loving others.


3 Responses

  1. Because he first loved me…and I did nothing to deserve it . Even if in “my eyes” ….. I did everything not to.
    Key: He is not us and doesn’t see the world like we do. We should be willing to do whatever it takes to try and see it His way. He paid it ALL and ALL are welcome to come! We don’t decide. He does.Thank God forever!

  2. i got two words as my mantra, and then i’ll shut up:

    “LOVE WINS.”

    Let’s go love!!!!

  3. Love is strong stuff man! Good point. And Starbucks is all right, i jes prefer The Big ole Biggby.

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