STATIC – Give IT Away


This post is dedicated to STATIC and STATIC only. 

STATIC is our interpretive/choreography group at Zion.  They work their butts off and do some incredible stuff.  They are very dependable and dedicated.  I am so proud of how they handle their ministry and their leaders are great! 

Today was about “Giving IT Away”, more specifically the LOVE of JESUS.  STATIC did it!  They gave away the LOVE of JESUS today and everyone knew it.

You guys keep it up wherever God uses you and lean on each other for strength in Jesus.  You have my support at all times.



5 Responses

  1. Again, as I listened to “The Promise” messsage this am commuting, yes, on a bus to downtown, I couldn’t see static. Sorry I missed them, but I know they were awesome. I really enjoy it when they team up with us at 11am. Hope we can see them more this year.

  2. did you get them on video…i would love to see what you are talking about.

    peace bro.

    Marty, Pam and Rod, what a great team you all got!!! It gives me the chills every time you all are “in action.”
    Keep it up, God is using you all BIG TIME!!!

  4. I am amazed at how well this type of ministry can get the words across with no words……Only the best can reveal Gods word the way that our team did yesterday. Kudos to the static members and all of those who help them.

  5. EB-I passed this onto Pammy who will show all the STATIC girls. Thanks for letting them be a part!

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