Guitars, the Modern Day Stringed Instrument

seagull.jpgmy-tele.jpggoldtop-les-paul.jpgtakeg341c.jpgartist_ce.jpgpeaveystrat.jpgedge_1.jpgDavid played a harp and was skilled.  What would he have done with a Les Paul or a Fender?  I love guitars.  When I was growing up, no one in my family played.  We had a piano and that was it.  I do remember my Mom having a ukelele.  At my house we have several guitars. 

Here they are and some of them are pictured above:

Seagull dreadnaught acoustic (my first guitar, still love to play it), Dean acoustic/electric cutaway, Fender Telecaster (sunburst), Gibson Les Paul goldtop, and a Dean bass guitar.

Michael has a Peavy/strat like electric, Yamaha acoustic and a Takamine acoustic/electric.

We love them all and always look for time to play.   Now that’s FUN!!!


3 Responses

  1. The numbness has set in and the calouses are in full swing…C is still whippin my rear-end! Love it!

  2. My dad was a guitarist. He played country and bluegrass music when he was growing up. When I was seven years old he bought my two older brothers and me a Regal acoustic guitar which my oldest brother still has. I have several guitars myself and love them. There is something special about playing guitar and owning them. It’s something that I can’t explain other than I know that God has given me this ability for music and I am so thankful that I get to use it for His glory. Thanks for sharing, Eric.

  3. AO – nice calouses. There is something about showing dem muscles for guys. Guitar muscles for sure.

    Sandy – A great guitarist in his own right, your Dad must have had a great impact on you. I never met him face to face or did I? I bet there is a ton of your Dad in you.

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