The Godfreys

Last night was so heart wrenching.  Please pray for Clare and Jacob as they begin this new chapter of life.  Flav gave a very accurate description.  You can learn more from the post below.


4 Responses

  1. We just never know. I pray that today peace fills Clare, that she is wrapped tightly around Jesus. May we all pause one minute longer in the mornings as we head off to school or work and take the time to say to those who mean the most to us, “You are loved. Never forget.” As Rich Mullins would sing, “Hold me (Clare) Jesus, cause I’m shaking like a leaf. You have been King of my Glory, won’t you be my Prince of Peace?”

  2. bro,
    i thank God i had you there last night, with me. i had NO words and felt like my strength was gone. God came through though and HE WILL carry this family thru this. thanks again, bruda!
    a tough one, the toughest ever, in my books….

    One Hope: Jesus!

  3. My heart aches for this family. We can’t even fathom what the family is going through right now, but God has His arms wrapped around them. We must live each moment like it is out last and remember to treasure those we love and watch what we say, because it could be the last thing we say. God please be with this family in this trying time. Give them comfort, peace, and strength only you can give…

  4. Flav,
    I’m with you dude. God is all we have. He is our HOPE! Thanks for being their for Clare, she needed you especially. She cares what you think and she proved it last night. One of the hardest things for me too!

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