Redneck Easter Egg Hunt!!


What has the world come to?  Easter egg hunting on four wheelers.  Now that some lazy egg huntin’.

When I was a kid (some of you are laughing by this point), we dyed our eggs.  That’s right, real eggs that had been boiled?  After that some adults went and hid the eggs and if you found them you could peel and eat them.  YUCK!

It’s not fair…today the kid’s grandparents buy these plastic eggs and put candy and money in the eggs and the kids expect it.  And my own family was riding around looking for the eggs.  What’s next, an egg hunt on the Xbox 360 (I had to ask my oldest son what the name of the video box was) and when you find an egg the money inside is a direct deposit to your bank account??!!!!

So what are you doing for Easter?  By the way, our family does know the real meaning of Easter and the importance of Jesus Christ paying the price for our sins, so for those of you ready to condemn our pagan practice of egg hunting, pray and then consider if it’s really worth it. 

Thank you Jesus for paying the price for my sins!!

Happy hunting!! 


One Response

  1. i love these pics!!!

    Michael is the BAD face mean get out of my way i’ll get all the eggs

    and Evan … whatever dude, i’m just living life drinking prune juice

    rockin’ idea for easter egg hunts!!!

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