TODAY’s Worship!!! EB out of town!!!

OK.  I know what they played because I had a role in that, but I want to hear from all of my fellow bloggers and commenters on how today went.  You write the blog for me today!!
Thanks, EB


8 Responses

  1. Jethro rocked my face off today! My heart was all up in it, just me and Jesus. Mike’s comment that it’s time for the church to Rise Up rang all my bells!!! We missed the Barnes’ though, I hear they went over to Transilvania?;))))

  2. 11 o’clock was smokin’! Spirit led and filled! If you weren’t feelin’ it….you were wherever Elvis Barnes was, not in the building. Jed is gifted. He needs to see that stage more than the soundboard…in my most humble, non-musical opinion of course.

    BTW, who approved that time off?..No one called me. I thought it was all about me?

    Missed you dude!

  3. No clue. Missed it all. I’ll have to watch the video version. I was serving in Preschool. Hope you are having a good break / vacation.

  4. I thought the 11:00 set was very good. Everything flowed very well, one right after the other. Marty did very well on her song with Jed and as always Glenn and Sandy had the guitars singing. And Kyle was rocking those drums. Man he is good. Wish I could play like that. And not to take away from anyone else, but Jed missed the bus somewhere along the way. Not that “This” bus is a bad one to be on of course, but the man can sing and play the piano very well I think. I am always impressed at his talent. Wish I could sing and play at the same time and sound that good. The choir was great and Robert knocked his song out too. Great job all!!!

  5. I was at both services and I believe that God was very pleased. I definately heard, “Well done my good and faithful servants; well done! ” Jed rocked, Robert and the band were awesome, and the service was great. Choir was a little slim, but pulled it off. Praise team worked out “Rescue” with just four of us in the first service. That was pretty sweet! We missed you Eric, but I am glad you were able to take a well deserved break with your family! Catch ya on the flip side!

  6. Eric wasn’t there????

    Just kidding – of course we missed you, but as everyone above has noted, the team rocked on. I believe God was praised yesterday. I echo the other’s sentiments as well – Jed needs to be on that stage more.

  7. Awesomeness!

  8. Hi eric,
    I already sent you a comment, but I will sign on here, too. The worship was awesome! I agree with the others…everything was great! Jed has a gift! I felt like it was only me and God there. It is not a feeling; it is a knowing, and worshiping is just awesome! Jed reminds me of what BJ does when he plays and sings at home. Just on and on praise and worship at the piano. I absolutely LOVE it! Sermon was a great message. And yes, please add me to your blog notices. Glad you had a great time. Kids are so wonderful.

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