Yes!  I am back from my trip from Hawaii.  It does cost a ton, but yes I am back from Hawaii.  I have had several of our seniors from the church welcome me back and want to know how the trip was.  I just keep telling them how great it really was.  Awesome!!!!! to tell the truth!!!!!  Someone asked me this morning how many days I was gone and I told them seven.  Just in case anyone else was wondering, I spent a lot of money and had the best time you could have!!!  WOW!!!

Actually, it amazed me that they were all so interested, but I bet I have a couple hundred pictures from the trip if anyone would like to see them.

Oh and by the way………………….I took the trip in Spring of 1993, fifteen years ago. 


For anyone who needs to know, March 30th was my youngest son’s birthday and I took the day off.  We were in Anderson, SC (Hawaii like, 38 degrees, 20 mph winds and rain)  for one day and had a great time!

Whoever started the Hawaii rumor….it was true, but it was 15 years ago when I worked for a software company near Atlanta.

So there you go!


3 Responses

  1. Awesome dude … Hawaii must have been great!!

    HA HA

    Maybe we should implant a GPS tracking device in you so that we can keep tabs on you! Just kidding!


  2. Great April Fool’s joke! One of my students brought in cupcakes today to celebrate his birthday. We quit language arts 15 minutes early, sang and ate the cupcakes his mom sent. THen, he stood up to “give a birthday speech” and announced that his birthday was August 2nd, not today…..APRIL FOOLS!!!! I was dumbfounded but totally impressed by his cleverness, not to mention his cupcakes!

  3. Jed: I’m bringin’ pics.

    Tammy W.: Sadly enough…this was no April fools joke. Just a rumor that went around. It is true that I got to go 15 years ago though. But, the kid with the cupcakes, now that’s clever and funny.

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