How Far Is Heaven?

One breath, that’s how far heaven is.

My grandmother, Mattie Kate Barnes went to live with the King of Kings and the God of the universe a few hours ago.  She was 95.  This week she had some problems and shortness of breath and so they admitted her to the hospital this morning, not long after she “passed peacefully” as my Dad put it.

A few things that come to mind:

I think she may have been one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known.  I mean, I know she was.  She and only a handful of others have I ever met in my life to be as kind and sweet.  I can’t remember ever going to see her and a huge smile with eyes wide with anticipation to see you and huge hugs always.

Mother Barnes taught me to spell BARNES when I was five, I remember that.  She had the best TEA CAKES I’ve ever had and all of the family would fight you for them.  They were not too sweet, but great texture and consistent.  Her chicken stew was phenomenal.  You were going to eat something before you left her house, which was never a problem for me.  Her house was always clean as a whistle.

Although I came into the family a little differently than the other grandchildren she loved me the same and made sure I knew it.  She didn’t have the most materially, but she is one of the richest people I’ve ever known.  I love her very much.

We’ll all see you before too long Mother Barnes.  If they didn’t have TEA CAKES southern style in heaven, they do now.



5 Responses

  1. dude, that’s a great story you got. and she was 95. awesome strong life! i still can’t get past your statement that you had no problem with eating at her place. hahaha! dat funny:)))

  2. I recently lost a grandma, too. I am so sorry for your loss! It is such a bittersweet thing, when a loved one leaves this earth yet enters into eternity with the Lord!

  3. Peter’s been waiting on those Tea Cakes. You just know it! Can you even imagine that smile and those eyes when she sees Jesus, for the 1st time?

    Thank you for sharing with us, Elvis. Love you, man.

  4. Thanks for sharing and sorry for your loss. You know she will have a big smile and an even bigger hug for you when she sees you again. I just spent the day with my grandmother yesterday, she will be 92 in May. I know all about the eating thing and the always glad to see you and no matter how big the family gets she knows your name, even at that age. May God fill her place in your life with fond memories and His love.

  5. This is very sweet! and very true! We will surely miss her.

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