My One Year Anniversary!!

I have a year under my belt in blogging.  Yesterday was the day!  I was so slammed with STUFF, I didn’t even notice the day going by.  I appreciate all of you this year who have contributed either through helping me to create the story or commenting.  THANKS.

So, I want to have some fun.  Shoot straight with me and I promise not to put it up on the big screen in the worship center, but what was the first real ROCK N’ ROLL or COUNTRY concert that you went to or that was the most memorable in your life.  I can’t wait to see the results. 

Mine was THREE DOG NIGHT.  Big surprise, huh?


29 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your one year! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.
    My first concert was as a little girl. My family and some other friends went to the big city of Atlanta to an All-Night Gospel Singing. It was very exciting because we rarely got to go to Atlanta.

  2. It was the Commodores with Lionel Richie at UGA, dude. You gotta love the 80’s.

  3. I think my first rock concert was AEROSMITH at Lakewood (also saw Lynyrd Skynyrd there) and country was probably Barbara Mandrell down in Florida a couple of times when I wore a younger man’s clothes. My sister was/is a huge fan and she made me go with her to the Mandrell stuff. 🙂

  4. Waylon Jennings at Six Flags Over Georgia. My dad held me on his shoulders so I could see better. Can’t be totally sure, but I believe I was a bit smaller then…

  5. I could never keep up with a blog. I can’t even keep up with my email. However your question drew me in today. My most memorable concert was in October 2006 when I went to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert and I got to meet him. I had a blast with Dana Barnes, Dana Brown, and my friend from work Jessica. It was really neat to meet him and discuss with him writing music. And of course the concert was ROCKIN’!!!Definately a memory I will never forget and I was so blessed to share it with my Zion sisters!

  6. The first concert I can remember going to was Juice Newton at Opryland. But, I also saw Kenny Rogers, I think and the Oak Ridge Boys. When I was in 7th grade, I saw New Kids on the Block, then in 8th grade, I went to a Poison and Def Lepard concert. My tastes have definitely changed since then.

  7. LB – (alias, Mom) that’s funny. You’re showing your age a little bit with that one though. That may have been your first concert, but I know you saw Englebert Humperdinck in your wilder crazier days. Haha!

    Andrea – Commodores! Wow! Makes me want to put on the speed skates and cruise to “Brick House.”

    Jeff W – Aerosmith to Barbara Mandrell. What a wide variety of taste, me too. Did you hold up a lighter for Freebird at the Skynyrd concert?

    Jud – I don’t see you gettin on anyones shoulders unless it’s to fight your way out of something. Great memories though. Little secret, I liked Waylon my own self. “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys.”

    Carrie Ann – Yeah right! Steven Curtis was your first concert. I have some swamp land to sell you in Florida too. Oh…you said most memorable. So, that’s the one you remember. I got cha!

    Ashley – Just told the truth and the truth will set you free! Juice, wow! The Gambler, Bobbie Sue, NKB (can’t remember the hits), Poison and Def Leppard I am not surprised. Like wow!

  8. Sawyer Borwn, Vince Gill and Reba McIntyre at the Omni in the 80″s. Prior to marrying Lisa I never had been to a concert in my entire life. We had a lot of fun that night. We went with several friends.

    Most recent was March 29th this year to see Barry Manilow at Phillips. I figured I would be bored to tears. But I was in for a big surpise. It was one of best concerts I have ever been too. He does a really good show.

  9. Well, I didn’t say that I was a fan of Barbara’s music, but her and her sisters were quite attractive back in the day. 😉 Didn’t have a lighter for Freebird. What was I thinking? I do have to say though that for reasons other than the concert itself, the Skynyrd concert is “burned in” more than any other I have been to. I’ll explain that to you at another time.

  10. Hey! Eric,
    Don’t forget Glen Campbell at the Fox about the same time.

  11. It was The Police. My parents had no clue who they were or else I wouldn’t have gone I’m sure of it.

  12. My most memorable rock concert was The Eagles live at The Omni. I was amazed that they sounded as good live as their records.

    My most memorable country concert was when I went to The Fox and saw EmmyLou Harris (mine and Glenn’s first date). The date was great – and so was EmmyLou.(She had a young Ricky Scaggs with her then singing backup.)

  13. Dude, my uncle worked for a promoter back in the early 80’s and he hooked me and my cousins up with Kool & The Gang – Rick James tix! …”Celllllebrate Good Times, C’mon!” We don’t need to get into the Rick James portion of the show…..Super Freak, for real!!
    Best sounding Rock concert ever was Def Leppard / Queensryyche in the Omni 19…88?!
    Most Memorable was probably Jimmy Buffett @ Grant Field in Atlanta 1993.
    Most meaningful…..wasn’t a concert , but Worship at the Drive Conference with you, FP and MP.

  14. Eric…well if you really want to know my first concert, it was PEARL JAM!!! However, my car was smashed afterward in a hit and run along with three others so it REALLY ended up being not so fun. We were all ok but my mom’s car had $5000 damage and it was a leased car. I also saw Garth Brooks and Paul Simon in Central Park. They were pretty awesome as well!!! I have seen Billy Joel and Mary J. Bleige, Baby Face, and Boyz To Men too…But meeting Steve definately topped them all!

  15. I almost forgot Luther Vandross…that man could sing!!!

  16. David – Great country list. I met Vince Gill back stage a few years ago and had my picture made with him. Great guitar player and vocalist. Barry Manilow, a great performer, song writer the most. Do you know what jingle he wrote that is so famous?

    Marty – EAGLES are my favorite. I have all the DVDs, but have never seen them live. Still dreaming…
    What about ELVIS? You saw the icon of icons!

    Ellison – Sting, awesome performer. He’s so talented that he could sing background on “Money for Nothing” and make it a hit!

    LB – Mom, did you know that Glen Campbell played on more recordings (studio guitar) than anyone in the 60s/70s era?

    Adam – Is your uncle Alex Cooley? So you went to funky town and celebrated until you got superfreaked out! That had to be a scary night! Good concerts, all of them.

    Carrie Ann – Now the truth comes out and your list is phenomenal. Awesome…you have seen the best.

  17. No my uncle wasn’t the promoter, he worked for one.
    3rd Day and David Crowder Band put an awesome worship set together back in November 2006! Chris Tomlin opening for Steven Curtis Chapman in 2005 was pretty kickin too! Almost forgot, The Black Crows in Macon circa 1994 was off the chain. I still dig their style!

  18. In my mind – I have never placed Elvis in the same category with anyone regarding music – the first concert I saw I was still in High School – it was amazing! Howver, the second concert – when I was in college – left me feeling very sda, I did not enjoy it at all – I could tell he was in very bad health – and when it was over I remember telling my date how sad it made me to see him like that – I had a feeling I would not see him in concert again – he died a year later.

  19. In reading these responses, including mine again, I realized that my “burned in” comment could have been taken in the wriong way, what with it being a Skynyrd concert and all. 😉 That wasn’t what I meant if that’s the way you took it. An event happened before the concert which I didn’t find out about until after which brings back sad memories so that’s why that concert sticks in my mind.
    AO, Buffet at Grant feild in ’93? That’s GT, right? I think I was at that concert. 😀
    Marty, I have heard before that the Eagles are the band who sound most like their studio stuff. Hard to tell the difference if you close your eyes.

  20. Mine was EAT MORE CARNATZ LIVE!!! – never will i forget it. EB, you ought to try them some time. They are the big time Original Transylvania’s Rockers.

  21. The one and only concert I went to was STYX, I am ashamed to say. It was loud and smokey. I could not wait for it to be over and I havent been to a rock concert since. That was back in 1980.

    Man, I am old.

  22. Waylon was only the beginning for me…

    How about some additional categories?

    Most Embarrassed for having seen – The Go-Gos at Six Flags (only heard 4 songs before a freak thunderstorm saved us)
    Most Suprised I actually enjoyed the concert – 3-way tie – Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, and Brenda Lee (who, by the way, was a childhood friend of my mom)
    Glad I saw before retirement – George “He Stopped Loving Her Today” Jones, Don Williams & Alabama (4 times)
    Closest to the stage (we’re talking front three rows or closer) – Kenny Rogers (again), The Doobie Brothers (Las Vegas Hard Rock), Foreigner (Las Vegas Hard Rock), and Phil Collins (Lakewood)
    Most Moving – (Gospel) – Gaither Homecoming
    Claim to Fame – I graduated high school with Mac Powell and Mark Lee of Third Day

  23. Jeff: It was GT…Bulldog incognito with my Parrotthead shirt and all!

    Jud: The Go-Go’s…..haha! However, those two @ LV Hard Rock were probably smokin’ and made up for it!

    Marty: Young Elvis or old…I’m Jealous!

    Flav: what in the world is a CARNATZ?

  24. Hey Adam, Elvis wasn’t old. He was 42 and that ain’t lookin’ so old. Now he was FAT…oh yeah. He was puttin’ a whoopin’ on that suit of his and his belt buckle laid flat. Hahaha….

    Flav, always looking for an opportunity to talk about Romanian sausage. We killed dat pig at Christmas time….When we were growing up we just ate chocolate, the Flavver was out there cuttin’ up WILBUR!!! YIKES!!!

  25. eb, you are gonna have to translate this stuff for ao. He don’t know culture; wiilbur stuff, nice :)))))

  26. MercyMe, 2006 G-net arena. Awesominality.

  27. The first concerts I remember were the ones Fox97 used to put on in the summer. The Grassroots…Herman’s Hermits… Tommy James and the Shondells…it was awesome!!!

  28. Oh, and Chubby Checker, Union Gap and (this one’s for you, Eric) Three Dog Night

  29. Oh my gosh…Lora has been to a Three Dog Night concert. What…were you like six years old and they were on the second go round?

    Actually, if you were talking about the one in the Dome, I was there. As a matter of fact my uncle and I picked up Michael Allsup (lead guitar player) afterwards at the Ritz Carlton in Dana’s and my Grand Am. He always preferred hanging with somebody than alone in some snobbish hotel. Great night for me. The next day we played golf together.

    I hope it was a fun time for you and your family.too.

    Thanks for stirring the fire. Great memories…

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