God’s LOVE

As a Christ follower, sometimes I tend to get so busy that I forget the wonderful grace, mercy and LOVE God has for me.  Even as a worship leader, I must admit it is very hard to focus at times during corporate worship.  Probably some of my most sincere and personal worship happens when I have nothing but my Bible, a guitar, pen and paper and just sit down to be quiet and listen to God.  When I am alone with God, I think of his LOVE more than anything.  Why does he want me to be His heir?  I’m a sinner.  His Son, Jesus was perfect.  Why would He LOVE me so much to have Jesus suffer for my behalf on the cross?

We all have scars, sin, garbage that we’re not proud of and deserve anything but LOVE from God, the creator who made us.  We can talk about God’s wrath and He has it towards sin.  We can talk about obedience and we should obey God once we accept His LOVE because it’s for our best, not because He might GET US…if we don’t.  We can talk about Hell that’s a real place according to God’s word, but we must focus on the GOOD NEWS, the LOVE of God. 

1John 4:7 says, “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.” 

God LOVES us!  If we believe in Jesus and give him charge of our lives, we have accepted God’s LOVE!  It’s a new day!!  We no longer will receive what we deserve.  This is cause to worship!!!  The price for all sins has been paid by God’s LOVE!!!

Do you know that God LOVES you?  Do you realize that the very fact that you are reading this is just another time that God is using someone or something to tell you He LOVES you?  You are precious to God.  He gave the most important thing he had for you.  His LOVE is a gift and you have to receive a gift in order to have it, duh?.  If you haven’t already…tell God right now that you would like to receive His gift and it will be yours.

We all need to remember how important God’s LOVE is especially those of us who have been Christ followers for a good while.  We tend to get critical of those who haven’t experienced God’s LOVE yet and when we do this we are judging one of God’s creations that He LOVED just as much as you and me. 

This week why don’t we do what the verse above said, let us love one another and show others that the LOVE we have is from GOD and they can have it too. 



2 Responses

  1. Wasn’t God greatest commands to love the Lord your God with all your heart and to love your neighbour as yourself?

  2. Eric this is so awesome and true!!!! 1John4:7-21 is the first set of Bible verses I have my fifth grade class memorize! It is so important that we all remember that God’s love dwells in us and was given to us even though we are truly unworthy in our own eyes. He sees through it all and He wants us to look at others as He does. To receive Jesus as your Savior allows the Love of God to pour through you and onto others! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

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