God With Us

Great message from the Flavmeister today!  Even when we are at our lowest, OR highest, God is with us.  He was with Joseph in the pit, as a slave at Potifer’s house and in jail and God was even with Joseph in his most prosperous moment.  Just like Flav said, “Read about it in Genesis and you will find and amazing story and find hope for your own life.

Great job today to all the musicians.  I love how you commit to your worship and to our team.  You’re the best!

The worship set at 11:00:

Majestic – Lincoln Brewster

Without You – Paul Baloche

Rescue – Jared Anderson

You Never Let Go – Matt Redman


3 Responses

  1. worship was amazing, it built everything to the win. Thanks Eric and team. Good stuff indeed.

  2. The Worship set was ON! “Rescue” moved me deep!

    Was God still with me even though I had flip flops on?

  3. AO – I agree on RESCUE….God was still with you, but he wanted to beat you silly for wearing flip-flops to church!

    I understand Jesus wore something like flip-flops.

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