Mighty to Save

Worship set for today:

Mighty to Save – Reuben Morgan

You Never Let Go – Matt Redman

Rescue – Jared Anderson



Johnny Hunt – Mr. President

I like Johnny Hunt.  Over fifteen years ago, I sang in a group that included two people from his church, Paul Smith and Leslie Sites and the group was called H.I.S.  Paul and Leslie, both belonged to Woodstock First Baptist at the time and I was at Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula.  The two churches and pastors were and are very similar in many ways. 

I always thought Johnny Hunt was very much like Larry Wynn and I’m sorry, but Larry Wynn is the greatest pastor that I’ve ever met.  No offense guys, but he is the REAL deal.

So today, I am happy for Christians first, Johnny Hunt second and the SBC third for landing a great president. 

By the way, I sang at FBCW one day and Johnny told me he liked me and I had an open invitation to come back and sing.  I’m sure he would not remember me now, but that’s fine, he made a lasting impression on me that year or two that I got to know who he was.

61208 – The New Dream

Today is a great day!  God is amazing!  He can take the smallest things and change a perspective, a future, a life and I get to play in His plan.

I have a NEW Dream.  In the midst of all I have going on God helped me to see it today!  TEARS…..TEARS…..and more TEARS……..

Sometimes when things are different than the way you had imagined, your hope takes a hit.  HOPE is huge.  It’s the driving force in everything we do.  It’s our purpose and desire.  It’s the energy that keeps us focused on bad days as well as good days. 

I want to encourage anyone who needs encouraging today.  If there is something that you are good at or have a desire that honors God and matches up with His desires… Go for it!  You don’t have to wait on a life change like a situation, relationship, new hobby, new occupation to pursue your NEW DREAM.  Start now!  It may lead to some new opportunities for you.  Be alert to God’s whisper and don’t be so hard headed that you don’t recognize it when you see it.

My bible and a book called DREAM GIVER are my GO TO for help with this.  

Thanks God, just in time! 

Twice Adopted!

Some of you may not know that I was adopted twice!

When I was three months old my Mom and my father were divorced.  My Mom went through some painful times, but she was a fighter and survivor.  She made for us a great life those years we were on our own.

She had been dating this guy for a few years that I really liked.  He would help me with train sets and play ball with me and we would all go on nature walks to the local parks or just out in the woods close by.  I’m sure that as a toddler and preschooler, I must have gotten on his nerves a time or two, but I really did like him and it was nice to have a guy around to play ball with or trucks.  No offense Mom…just guy stuff.

When I was five, Ron Barnes married my Mom and adopted me.  Wow!  Now I had a Dad!  Now again, I’m sure I must have gotten on his nerves as a kid, teenager and college student during this time, but I had a great life with my Mom and Dad growing up.  I’m sure as a kid I never told them, but I was happy.  Before him, I had a birth father, but I never had a DAD.  We started a new life in Lawrenceville, GA and then shortly moved to Dacula where my folks and my wife and I and our kids live now. 

Now my Dad is a GRANDDADDY, as we call him today and he’s Dad to a few more kids.

That was one great adoption for me!

Also, when I was 17 years old I was adopted as an heir to the kingdom of God.  I began a whole new relationship with God, now as my Father in heaven, who loved me enough to sacrifice His Son for my sins.  I’ll never forget His and Jesus’ sacrifice or stop living for them.

So, I am a pretty fortunate guy by being adopted twice.  For me Father’s day is always a time to stop and remember all that has been done and sacrificed for me to have an earthly Father and a heavenly Father.

I love you, Dad.  I love you, God.


The Rain

It was great to include “Bring Down The Rain” in our worship set yesterday.  Jed and I have been hoping to try it out for worship for sometime now.  Thanks to the worship team for all the help in the worship set yesterday.  May the love, grace and mercy of God RAIN down on all of you.  God Bless.

The Worship Set:

Bring Down The Rain – Jed Mercadante/Eric Barnes

Amazed – Jared Anderson

The Way I Was Made – Chris Tomlin

Thanks again to everybody!

Sing To HIM


Here are a couple of ideas and some encouragement I would like to pass on.  If you want to grow musically here are somethings you should try.  I do these myself.

1. Listen to various styles of music.  Be opened minded and  try to understand why there is a place for all styles.

2. Go to concerts.  You can learn so much and most singers have been inspired from some concert they attended.

3. Try to write a song.  Who cares if it hits the top 40.  Just try…God may have a surprise for you.  It’s a great exercise.

4. Take up an instrument.  It will help you with rhythm and creativity.  It will also give you a new reason for praising.

5. Go to Lifeway and buy an accompaniment track or two.  You might say, “I don’t sing solos.”  So what!  This is a great way to hear yourself alone and you can work on your tone and quality of your singing.  You might be surprised to find out that you could be a soloist.

6. Sing for your family.  Take that track or have someone play on the piano and sing for your kids or aunts and uncles.  You may encourage someone else.

7. Read through Psalms and try to apply.

8. Buy a shower radio.  You can’t beat the privacy and you can sing till you shrivel up like a prune.  Some of the most fun acoustics are in the shower.  We have radios  in both of our showers at home and I love to here my boys sing in there. 

9. Sing in the car as much as possible.  It will help relieve stress and also help you develop your singing chops.

10. Thank God for your voice, your ears and the ability to praise him.   We can praise him with all of our worship, but what a gift to be able to SING to him!!!

Therefore I will praise you, O LORD, among the nations; I will sing praises to your name.        2 Samuel 22:50